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Dexter Anatan - Best Dive Job in the World Application

Dexter Anatan - Best Dive Job in the World Application

This is the chance I’ve been looking for…………

At last, the opportunity to fulfill my dream to become a dive instructor and continue to enjoy my passion in diving and opportunity to work on land finally saw its course after receiving this information from you.

To tell you something about myself, I am a positive, enthusiastic and a hard working person. I started my diving here in the Philippines when I was working in one of the oldest and biggest domestic shipping in 2005. I started as a Dive Buddy to the Company’s Dive Master who’s job is doing underwater inspection of the hull and propellers of the boat before and after the annual dry dock, installing underwater sinker for marker buoys and twice salvaging lost anchors and a tender boat. The experience I had during those times were done for the company and that is where all my love, interest and passion in diving started.

Dextar Anatan

Best Dive Job in the World

In 2006, I was given the chance to work on board a chartered yacht in the Mediterranean, working as a Boson on deck. It is because of my diving background that doing the hull inspection and sea chest cleaning is part of my duty.

But my diving life change when the yacht went down from the Mediterranean to Southeast Asia. We started doing charter in Phuket, Thailand with itineraries on this beautiful island and even went down to Burma with chartered guests. During a charter, one of my job is to prepare the snorkeling and diving gears for the guests to be used every day while they are on board. My love for diving developed when my Captain gave me the chance to be with the guests everyday, and as a license skipper, he gave me the responsibility to drive the guest to the site and carry out all the activities. Boosting my confidence makes this experience worth living for. Taking someone who has never gone one (1) meter below the water and convincing them to give it a shot in order not to miss the opportunity to dive and see the beauty underwater is one of the things I love and especially if they come up happy and fulfilled with the diving experience by sharing stories what they saw, hearing all this from guest, really makes my day. Being a diver can give you access to experiences you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Dexter Anatan - Best Dive Job in the World Application

Dexter Anatan - Best Dive Job in the World Application

If I am on a break from my job, and if my schedule permits, I upgrade my certification here in the Philippines. Presently I am advance open water certified; one of the things I never miss is visiting the diving sites closest to my place. I live in a country which comprises of 7,107 islands so there are still a lot more to explore. Certain places are so extraordinary that I wouldn’t want to miss. No diver could honesty dismiss without exploring some of the most sought after diving sites.

I want to change the course of where I am heading at the moment. I am a single parent to a 12 yrs. old kid. Lately, as he grow up, the need of a parent guidance to a vulnerable child at his age is a primary concern for me. The influences surrounds him every day, either good or bad if not guided properly I’m afraid will affect him as a person someday. I’ve been on a boat for a total of 15 years now, My contract normally last until 10 months and being away from him most of the time makes me yearn for a lot of happenings in my personal life. Yet recently I got to wondering. The strange feeling of like coming from a different place is always a mystery since the life onboard and the life on land are totally two different things, which sometimes makes me think otherwise if I should continue doing so.

If choosen, this will be a good start for me and will be a life changing experience if given opportunity to work on land.

Lastly, I want to share some of the photos I had during those times I am with the guests and doing the activities. This is the thing I missed doing – diving.

Best Regards,

Dexter Anatan

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