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Dayne Smith One last Chance

Shew waking up everyday the first thing I check on my phone was did I Make it, did I make it ??? and everyday its like a piece of me is falling away … I have been sooooooo excited since this competition started and I really did try my best Im so proud of everyone that has already made the shortlist and I wish I could actually describe in words how badly i want to win It would be the best thing that has ever happened to me ever !!!

Its my dream to make a difference in life and help people achieve their dreams , and come on lets be honest: there is a HUGE number of people who’s dream is to Scuba Dive and I would love to be that person to help them achieve their Goals.

There is one place left in the shortlist and Im praying so hard that I can be that last person. I know I can make a different this truly and sincerely is my passion and I would do ANYTHING to get an opportunity like this. Its like a calling: Diving makes me alive , wildlife and the outdoors make me alive, meeting new people and most importantly seeing a persons smile after a great dive , even after a dive trip.

There is only one place left in the shortlist so I thought well hey let me give it one last chance , I really need this I feel I’m so passionate about diving but its so hard and expensive to get somewhere in it , This would be The PERFECT opportunity for me !!!

Thank you and God Bless To everyone Kind Regards

Dayne Smith


Dayne Smith Diving makes me alive

I was sitting with my Pastor Today and he asked me ,, What makes me Alive in life. What a question WHAT MAKES YOU ALIVE ?? not what makes you happy and I thought there is no doubt in my mind that Diving brings the life outta me!!!

The way I smile on the boat , on he drive out to a reef, the amazing stories being told after a dive, The SMILE on a new divers face. And most of all seeing how glorious God is and experiencing his Glory underwater.

At this point in my life the best thing that could ever happen to me would be winning this competition and seeing how proud everyone would be of me. The smile on my parents face knowing that I actually got an opportunity like this !!! Its what I pray for everyday!!!

God bless to everyone that has been supporting me throughout this competition so far and thank you !!!

Dayne Smith Inspiration

Love Diving tooooo much – Dayne Smith

Shew well I can see its getting closer to the finals and my heart is BEATING !!! LOL, Ill do anything to win this competition !!! Im praying harder and harder each day …. Life is so wonderful >>> The world we live in is sooo beautiful and this really would be a life changing opportunity for me to make a difference in my life as well as others … Ill give it my best and more to become a dive instructor because it really is something Im very passionate about!!!

Theres nothing that puts a smile on my face more hen a great service at church, but second best to that is after a really nice Dive… There is nothing more satisfying.

God Bless everyone :)



Dayne Smith Dream

Sooooo I have Been trying every single day to not think about winning this competition but thats not happening … I have made a new video which Im sure Jonathan will put up on the site and YOUTUBE Soon I hope … Thanks for all the amazing support I have had s far from friends and family :) Loving the excitement of the competition and Loving all the videos Diving and The Outdoors are Truly AAAMMMMAZING :) and God Is GREAT !!!

OK so I went to Sodwana this weekend one of The Best Dive dive sites in the world and I realized just exactly how important Diving is to me :)

I live on the Thrill and adventure and beautiful grace that diving has to offer :( I love the people on dive trips and I love seeing and discovering new things >>> I even love just chilling on the BOAt :) haha weird I know :)

This competition will be a dream come true for me …. Stay tuned though I have another amazing video on its way … we swam with dolphins for nearly 6 minutes straight , saw potato bass, ghost pipe fish, honeycomb murray eel, silver tip oceanics, turtle and much more :)

I Love Diving and making a difference and I so badly want to win this competition and i can see how passionate EVERYONE is and I know why.

Im praying throughout the day everyday to get this opportunity

More videos and pictures will be on their way soon :) Stay Tuned


Dayne Smith

Dayne Smith

If I could put every single GREAT moment in my life that made me smile, that gave me chills of joy,That made me smile. Moments when I achieved something great, conquered a fear, completed a challenge, won a competition, MADE SOMEONE SMILE …. None could compare to the Day I Gave my life to God And I think to Myself , if all those moments were compiled into a showreel or a movie how AMAZING that moie would actually be. Oneday I could be sitting next to the big Man upstairs Smiling at the wonderful memories and opportunities I had in Life and I so Badly want this opportunity in Bali to be one of those moments, With All My Heart!!!

Dayne’s Diving Dream

Dayne Smith Essay

A DREAM, what is a Dream ?? Well a dream is something that someone thinks non stop about, something a person PRAYS about and sometimes the ONLY thing a person has ever wanted their whole Entire life…

Well winning this competition would be a DREAM come TRUE for me, I will try each and every Day to get as far as I can and Do as much as I can to win this competition.

Diving has sooo Much to offer and Im hoping to one day to open up a CHRISTIAN Dive academy and make a difference somehow. I know that everyone that has entered this competition , wants this Just as bad as what I do but I don’t just want to win this competition I NEED TO !!!

This seven Months in Bali doing something I Love would make me The Happiest person in the whole world.Im a Fun, ambitious, outgoing, Enthusiastic and passionate individual and I will do anything in the world to make a difference in peoples lives and make someones circumstances better if I have the ability to!!

God Bless Everyone and Im Hoping for the Best

Be the Change YOU want to see In The World

Dayne Smith

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