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I will get started on my ‘production’ straight away! This is an AMAZING competition and I can’t wait TO WIN!

I don’t even have anything to say at the moment, I am just sooooooo hyped for this competition. WOW. I keep reading it on your website over and over again just to make sure it definitely is real!!

Cesa Franco

Well my feedback is that diving and being an instructor is the most wonderful experience in my life, with this contest I´m looking forward to win the best and unique opportunity I could ever have, ´cause as I say “I work in God´s pool”.

Juliah P

Yes this is an awesome opportunity! In fact as I am writing this to you, my butt is already hurting on the chair facing the computer and

I am pretty sick of my lifestyle.

I am ready for the battle, may the best competitive spirit win!

This is great, I am very excited as well and I am hoping to be the winner!

cause “We are the champions, my friends…”

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