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Best Dive Job ApplicationOnce a part of time…..it was alittle girl growing up in a small village close to the forrest in the middle of Sweden. Didn´t know about the world out there.

When she was 14 years young, after highschool she went on a school trip. They went to Riccione in Italy and saw Venezia & San Marino. A new world opened up for this little girl from the countryside. She desided allready then to conquer the world.

And she did, her whole life she has been travelling and working all over the world.

On her first around the world trip, she stopped in Cairns, Australia to do a dive course,

but something went wrong on the course, so she went sailing on a nice “swan” to the white sundays island, a dream she had, to see it.

Many years after she sees the competion about the “The best dive job in the world”

To live in Bali for 7 months, her favorit island in the world.

And she desided to conquer the world under the sea 😉

Why I should win the prize and change my life.

It`s a compleatly new world to me.

To discover the seaworld. I love opportunities & challenges in life.

Life is short and death is long, live today, tomorrow could be to late…..

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