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Lorena Espin – Winner of the Best Dive Job in the World 2014/2015


After the closing ceremony for the Best Dive Job in the World, I spent a week of downtime with Jason and Lisa at the Prama Sanur Beach. As you already know, I am very appreciative of downtime. But I was especially happy to spend time with my friends before they left.

divemaster diving in bali with mola mola

My IDC starts in a few weeks; I am very excited about it but more on that shortly. In the meantime, I am diving every day. It feels great to be back in the water, but moreover it feels great to be confident in the water. Every dive, I find something cool. Unfortunately I have yet to see a Mola Mola, but I am optimistic that I will meet and befriend one before my year is up.


Soon I will collect my own dive gear, courtesy of Aqualung and Suunto. I do not think it needs to be said but I will say it anyway: OMG I AM SO EXCITED TO GET MY OWN GEAR! It is starting to sink in just how much I have won. I knew that I would have liked to win – because, come on, how fun is winning?! – but I did not realize how much I needed it.

I cannot wait for IDC to start and to meet the other candidates. This time the playing field is a little more level because we are all going in with the same certifications, knowledge, and mastery of skills. No more feeling like the underdog.

But never mind the playing field because the IDC is not a competition and I am incredibly excited about that. These soon-to-arrive candidates will not be competitors, they will be friends.

IDC friends in bali

Admittedly, I am already nervous about the looming Instructor Examination, but I will cross that bridge when I get there.


Once that bridge is crossed, I am very excited to think that soon I will be teaching my first PADI Open Water students. I remember my first open water dive. This is partly because it was not that long ago, but mostly because it was a memorable and enriching experience. To be a part of that experience for other people – this is what I look forward to the most!


Elimination Week

Lorena Espin – Winner of the Best Dive Job in the World 2014/2015


Ironically, elimination week was the least stressful week of the competition for me.

best dive job elimination week in bali

Elimination week was made up of half days. The beautiful thing about a half day is that one can do whatever one likes with the other half of one’s day. I had not been granted this kind of down time in a long time, and I fully embraced it. One evening Lisa, Jason, and I laid in the grass staring up at the kites in the sky, just because we could.


The other great thing about elimination week was that I was somehow avoiding elimination. As a matter of fact, I was getting top marks. Every challenge we were tasked with had already been assigned to us at some point during our training. And where I had previously struggled during the training, I was now thriving. Elimination week was my redemption.


To see how I and everyone else fared, have a look at this episode:



best dive job elimination week in bali

I was proving to everyone what I had always suspected; that I was capable. I had something to show for the long study sessions and the extra hours in the pool with my coach, Jason. Aside from watching kites, our favorite activity was to discuss how well we were doing and how awesome we are, over delicious Western food – because after weeks of rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you would start to miss Western food too!


Yes, I was patting myself on the ol’ back. But it felt like my month of self-doubt and personal failures was finally over, and it was nice to start believing in myself again. I could hardly believe that I had actually progressed during my time here; the results of elimination week were the proof I needed.

Coming to Bali

Lorena Espin – Winner of the Best Dive Job in the World 2014/2015

When I arrived in Bali, first I felt excited to have arrived in a tropical country where I would soon be diving every day. Second I felt annoyed and despaired that my luggage had not arrived with me.USAT Tulamben Wreck

Eventually my stuff was returned to me, but the incident was an appropriate way to start things off, as the next few weeks were struggle after struggle for me.

One struggle was that I was undeniably coming into this whole thing as the underdog. I was merely Open Water certified and had only nine dives under my belt. My impression was that my fellow competitors each had a thousand logged dives; they all knew exactly what they were doing on our first dive together. Meanwhile, I was concentrating on remembering how to breathe that I did not even notice the ship wreck. Embarrassing.

I improved, as I set small, attainable goals for myself each dive. I also spent extra time in the pool, working diligently on my skills.

AnotherThe Best Dive Job In The World - Lorena struggle was that we were separated into two teams of four and competed against each other in what I was convinced were impossible challenges. Taking pictures of fish during a violent drift dive? Sell T-shirts in a country none of know? I stress: Impossible challenges.

Want to see more of my struggles? Check out this episode and see what the very cool prizes were: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZLkJmfauRU
Spoiler alert: I was on the team that lost nearly every prize. At least I had fun commiserating with and getting to know my teammates. Why not watch this cheeky little video my un-triumphant but awesome team put together: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQShjh9qJf4

Also, as a reality TV connoisseur I knew that the overall winner of a competition usually comes from the team that loses the most challenges throughout. So it stood to reason that that overall winner could very well be me. Now that’s good television!

Best Dive Job – Before coming to Bali 

Lorena Espin – Winner of the Best Dive Job in the World 2014/2015

After I was announced as having made the Top 8, I did what any self-respecting adult would do: I celebrated for a week straight. Next, I did what any self-hating adult would do: I got two part-time jobs. I had to save up for the uproot of my life to Bali.

One tends to work a lot when one has to save up for an uproot, and soon it felt like all I was doing was working. I forgot what I was working towards. Even though my flight was booked, Bali and the Divemaster training began to feel like an illusion. Every day I expected to check my email and find out that the Best Dive Job was cancelled, or that it never existed, or that it was some elaborate and cruel Internet joke.

Best Dive job, diving

What if the Best dive job page had been a fake?

Closer to departure, it became real to me that I was going to Bali. What also became real to me were the million and one things I all of a sudden realized I had to do to prepare.

I also realized that going to Bali meant having to leave Montreal. This made me sad. Montreal was coming into the summer months, I had been enjoying spending time with my friends and family, I did not want that time to end, and I had no idea when I would be coming back.

Best Div Job, diving

Friends and family

To get an idea of why Montreal is special to me, check out a couple of videos I made as part of the Best Dive Job pre-arrival challenges:



Sad or not, there were no employment opportunities in Montreal that excited me, so I knew this was a move I needed to make and I couldn’t wait!

Next time – arriving in Bali!

Making it into the top 8

Making it into the top 8

Lorena Espin – Winner of the Best Dive Job in the World 2014/2015

When I entered the Best Dive Job competition, some of my competitors had thousands of votes and I had a mere ten days to somehow make the judges pay attention to me.

Just for fun, here’s a throwback to my entry video:


At the time I was unemployed and papering Montreal with my CV was about as appealing as swimming laps in a parka. My options, as I saw them, were to sit on my couch and binge watch TV or sit on my couch and work on my campaign. My Rottie was such a good sport; she kept me company and even made a cameo in some of my promotional videos and photos. You might remember her:

Best dive job, dog, companion

My Rottie

During those ten days, I was obnoxiously present on social media. I was posting constantly, hashtag-ing everything and anything scuba related, and tagging everyone and their uncle.

I can only assume that in person, I was just as obnoxious. I became that person who constantly asked you to repeat what you had just said because I was too busy checking my phone to pay attention.

But my friends showed me how patient and loyal they are. They understood that I was pursuing my dream, and were happy to support me. They helped me shoot my challenge videos, they stood by me as I plastered the city with flyers, they shared, commented, liked my posts. A huge shout to them!

Media, best dive job, Lorena

Preparing for my latest media shoot

Here’s one specific shout: a good friend of mine donated to Project Aware for me. In exchange, I had to do a dare. Check out the video:


And then after I really knew what was happening I was announced as one of the top 8, I WAS GOING TO BALI!

Here’s my acceptance video after hearing the amazing news!


In my next blog I’ll talk a little about the waiting before actually setting off to Bali, an really amazing time of my life

How I Found Out About the Best Dive Job 2014

How I Found Out About the Best Dive Job 2014

Lorena Espin – Winner of the best dive Job in the World 2014/2015.

In 2013, I spent fourteen months in Australia. It was not until my last month there that I finally got my Open Water certification up in Cairns. I suppose you could say I was saving it for last. Foolish. My flight back to Canada was the following week, and I wanted to keep diving.


I begrudgingly went back to Canada because changing a flight is close to impossible and all my stuff was there anyway. I also missed my family and friends. But I had resolved to give myself one year there. One year to save up and pay my way to becoming a dive instructor and seeing my newfound, half-baked dream through.

I started bar-tending. And shortly after, I was sick of bar-tending.


There had to be another way to finance this. So I took to the Internet. I googled things like “Dive Master Internship” “Dive Shops Montreal” and “High Paying Jobs” Eventually I stumbled upon and clicked on a banner advertising the Best Dive Job.

 Make a video explaining why I wanted to be a dive instructor and I could win a Divemaster internship in Bali? This could be my break. I watched other people’s submission videos and I thought: “I can totally do this!”


Challenge time!

On our last dive master training day, Team A and B had to compete against each other. As we were spending our day in the pool, getting scored on our demonstration skills, we kind of knew what to expect: An equipment exchange challenge.

Usually, the equipment exchange is carried out in buddy-teams. For our challenge, we had to work as a group of four.

The rules were simple: Accomplish the task as fast as possible and without making any mistakes. The task itself was less simple: Swim to the deep end of the pool, free-dive down, find your weight belt and your buddy’s BCD, put both on and start exchanging equipment. At the end, we had to perform a five-point ascend, simultaneously.

Both teams did a great job but there can only be one winner: Team B! Congratulations on your 2 days stay at Prama Sanur Beach Hotel! What a great prize: Spending relaxing time at a luxurious hotel after six weeks of intense dive master training!

Thank you Prama Sanur Beach for providing us with the prize!


Who can find the most fishes?

Challenge time! After organizing social events and raising money for Project AWARE, we had another group challenge coming up: Fish ID. Group A and B competed with each other for a great price . . . curious?

The task was not easy: Taking clear pictures of as many fish species as possible during three consecutive drift dives. Have you ever tried to take a clear picture of another moving object during a drift dive? If you want to challenge yourself, try it! We did our best to enjoy flying with the current at Nusa Penida and taking snapshots of fishes at the same time.

At the end of the day, we realized how divers Bali’s fish population was: We took hundreds of fish-pictures and had to identify as many as possible. Every one of us stayed up late to produce our own little identification guides. Guess what I dreamt of: fishes!

I liked this challenge a lot, as it was a great opportunity to get to know Bali’ fish species. Plus: Four of us were the lucky winners of a brand new Suunto D4i dive computer! Suunto’s latest model is not only stylish but also equipped with many useful features.

A big THANK YOU for the very generous gift!


Reflections on my Divemaster course so far

The Divemaster course at Blue Season Bali has been amazing so far! I experienced and improved a lot in a very short time. Every day is different, never boring, and filled with new lessons to learn.

My two favourite parts of the course are buoyancy control and guiding. Actually, you cannot be a good guide without excellent buoyancy control, so the two go hand in hand. I want to become a good guide, as I enjoy leading a group of divers a lot! Making people happy with a great and safe dive experience give me satisfaction.

The big plus of Bali are definitely the spectacular dive sites! Even after visiting a dive site for the fifth time, I do not get bored of it. There is always more to explore, a little creature you have overlooked so far or a shift in water conditions, which changes the experience of a dive completely.

We have been to Sanur, Amed, Tulamben and Nusa Penida so far. The dive sites around Nusa Penida are my absolute favourites! After a 45 minutes boat ride, you reach Manta Point, a manta cleaning station at very shallow depth. Manta rays visit the cleaning station all year round, so the chances to see them are quite high. Even if you do not find these gentle giants: the sight of a Green Sea Turtle or . . . a Mola Mola, may surprise you! Crystal Bay, another dive site around Nusa Penida, is the best location for Mola Molas.

Even if you ae not blessed with big stuff on your dive in Bali, there is always a cute little Nudibranch awaiting your attention!

Want to find out more, click here!

Dive Site Setup

Today we went over dive site setup and briefings while at Tulamben.  Ensuring your dive site is set properly is very important because it makes it easier to ensure all the equipment for the dive is there and accounted for both before and after the dive.  It is also a great way to ensure access to all emergency equipment if it is needed instead of throwing things around trying to find the oxygen kit in the heat of the moment.  Dive briefings are just as important covering things like the logistics available at the site (food, bathrooms, showers ect.), what to expect on the dive, signals that will be used for that dive and what role each diver will have.  It was a great day in the sun and in the water with the USAT Liberty Wreck.


Rescue your buddies

Our Rescue Diver Course started last Thursday on 28th of May, and oh, boy, was it intense!

We went to the Dogs Point beach in Sanur and after a few minutes of a boat ride, we arrived on the location where we conducted our training. Water temperature was around 30°C and for the first time I wore only the short Aqua lung wetsuit during the dive. It felt amazing!

We practiced approaching tired as well as panicking diver while keeping an eye contact for the whole time. While carefully assessing them, we had to stay out of their reach and locate their BCD inflator before grabbing them by their tanks. Also, we had to establish positive buoyancy before escorting them to the boat.

Beside master Yoshi, our great instructor, Steph and Simon were assisting with our rescue course assignments. Both of them were super helpful, giving us a lot of extra tips and advices. They were also extremely patient with us polishing our new skills and doing our best to save our “victims”. Thank you, guys, we love you!

Day after we came back to the same spot to finish our rescue training. We had a chance to experience the scenarios Yoshi created for us which were by far my favorite part of the course! He split us in two groups and we had to orientate ourselves under the surface to find a missing diver. As soon as we found the unresponsive diver, played by splendid actor Simon, we had to make sure to ascent with him safely to the surface, initiate rescue breaths and evacuate him ASAP. That was a bit stressful part of the course but also very useful in our further training. I surely look forward to the new assignments waiting for us on the Dive Master Course! Bring it on!

Want to find out more about the Rescue Diver Course at Blue Season Bali?, click here and join us today!


Saving lives is hard work

After three very intense days, we are finally all certified rescue divers!

In my opinion, the rescue diver course is the first step of becoming a professional, responsible diver. You learn how to focus on others, recognize emergencies and how to handle them. Basically, you learn how to save lives.

After Jason, having saved many lives already, gave us a lesson on Emergency First Response the night before, Day 1 started with the actual PADI Emergency First Response training.

Alternating theoretical input and application, our instructors slowly guided us through the course. We got to practice on our fellow contestants, both on an adult and a baby dummy, learned how to perform CPR and…had a lot of fun!

At the end of the day, we were unexpectedly confronted with a “real” emergency: Our instructors acted perfectly as victims in various emergency scenarios to test our freshly acquired skills. It was a big drama! We all helped together and succeeded in handling the situation.

No matter how good your Emergency First Response skills are: Never forget to call 112! Professional help should always be on the way in an actual emergency. As a first responder, you can only do so much, but at least you can!

Now that we learned all the required skills, it was time to practice them in the field. Off we went to Sanur on Day 2, climbed on Blue Season Bali’s boat and started practicing with full diving gear in shallow water not far from the coast.

Search and Recovery, approaching and towing a tired or panicking diver, controlled ascents and many more were the scenarios we ran through. Teamwork, communication, delegation and a cool head were the key factors to successfully rescuing a diver in need.

In the afternoon, we repeated and newly acquired skills in Blue Season Bali’s pool. Overall, it was a great day! Exhausting in a very satisfying way.

On our last course day, we practiced everything we learned so far close to the Blue Season-boat in Sanur Bay. And…got rewarded with a fun dive: Sea snakes, nudis, coral nurseries, underwater statues and a lot of friendly fishes showed up!

My favourite part of the course was definitely the ocean practice! Running through a scenario in the water with full gear on, makes it much easier in real life diving emergencies to react quickly and appropriately.

Want to find out more, click here!

Intern Guiding in Tulamben

It’s June 5, 2015.

What a special day for me… We woke up at 5:30 as usual, went to Blue Season Bali and ensured all  equipment. I did bus briefing before our trip to Tulamben. First time in my life :). As you can imagine, I was quite nervous but all contestants are so tolerant and friendly so i enjoyed my first time. I introduced BSB crew, explained to everyone what we will do today,  how AC works, told them joke and all the important things! Another special moment was first dive of the day (in USAT Liberty wreck).

Before the dive I had briefing. We are all Rescue Divers now but breafing is really important part of every single dive so I repeated dive site name, entry and exit, depth of our dive, time at the bottom, the most important signals etc. I was guiding Lorena D., Lorena E. And Lisa.. All of them are really great divers and I have to appreciate them again… that dive was really special, awesome, unique..It was my 100th dive!!

My day just could not be better. But I have this feeling every day in Bali. It’s such a great honor to see  how our personalities and diving skills are growing! I can’t wait to another day of The Best Dive Job in  the World 2014/2015.

Week One: EFR and Rescue Diver Certification

We don’t waste any time here with The Best Dive Job in the World. Week one and I can’t believe I’m already certified in Emergency First Response (EFR) and received my Rescue Diver certification.

I am a bit ashamed to say that up until this week I had zero first aide, CPR, or EFR experience, unlike the majority of my competitors/friends who have all had a bit of training in this field. Needless to say, I was a bit of an underdog, but I was up for the challenge.

Before we could begin the Rescue Diver course I needed to get my EFR skills mastered. After a 12-hour day in the classroom, and some very extensive hands-on training, I was confident in my ability to save or sustain someone’s life until EMS could arrive. The classroom dummy took a bit of a beating as we all took turns practicing CPR and abdominal thrusts.

The next few days were our water skills for Rescue Diver, which proved to be some of the most challenging and rewarding days of my life. We spent hours in the water getting wrinkly as grapes practicing our diver recovery skills using underwater navigation, saving panicked divers, and much more. We also received ample training on using emergency equipment on the boat.

One of the most rewarding parts of the training was when I managed to successfully pull Jason out of the pool by myself. He never did thank me for saving his life, but I’m sure he appreciated it.

Want to find out more?  Click here.





Joe Zeiler in the house!

Hi BDJ fans,

If you have been following Joe Zeiler – Best Dive Job 2012 runner-up’s story you will also be rooting and cheering for this Canadian lass…She’s had a really rough last few months but her wait is finally over!

Intern managers Henley & Mike have been busy getting Joe  “geared-up” so to speak, She now sports the brand new Legend LX Twilight series AquaLung Regulator, and with a wetsuit to match :)

Make sure you check out Joe’s BDJ winners blog about her adventures at Blue Season, and all the great stories that are part of life as a Divemaster in Bali!





Scuba Radio Interview

Hey everybody!

I was lucky enough to do another interview with Greg the Divemaster on Scuba Radio.  For those of you who don’t know Scuba Radio is a show for scuba enthusiasts that broadcasts out of Orlando, FL every Saturday from 3-5 pm EST.  The show is great and covers some really interesting stuff like new scuba technology, different dive destinations, and other interesting dive stories.  Greg’s a great guy and very entertaining to listen to!  I went on the show last week and talked a bit about my experience in Bali and what it is like to be the winner of the best dive job in the world.  Check out the show!


A Trip to Paradise: Blue Season Bali at the Menjangan National Park

Beginning our Trip

It is almost impossible to describe the beauty of Menjangan in words.  This place is breathtaking!  We jumped in the Blue Season Bali van around 7 am and began the 4-hour drive up to the resort.  We stopped along the way to see some of the gorgeous scenery that northern Bali has to offer and also picked up our team mascot for the trip; a giant pink bear we named Mandy.

Henley and Mandy

Henley and Mandy admiring the view.

Day 1: Arriving to Menjangan Resort

Menjangan Resort

Menjangan Resort

When we got to Menjangan resort I was overwhelmed with how peaceful this place is.  There was a nice warm breeze and the only sounds you could hear where coming from the jungle.  We had a delicious buffet lunch and then checked into our rooms.  After getting all our stuff set up we headed down to the dive shop.  Our first task would be a beach clean up.  We split up and spent about 2 hours cleaning the beaches.  I was shocked by the amount of trash that had washed up on the shores in paradise.  People don’t think about the fact that all the trash they throw on the ground ends up the ocean.  We took notes of the types of trash we found and will send the data to Project Aware.

After finishing the clean up everyone was ready to get in the water.  We set off for a night dive in Bajul Bay with the goal of finding some Madarinfish.  Mandarinfish are small (up to 6 cm) neon colored fish that generally dwell in reefs.  Menjangan is special because it is a Mandarin fish breeding

The BSB crew after our first beach clean up.

The BSB crew after our first beach clean up.

ground.  Around 6 pm in the evening these guys pop out of the coral to get freaky for a few minutes.  And guess what?  We saw some!!  We arrived a little late so didn’t get to see the Mandarinfish above the coral but with some torches we were lucky enough to locate some inside.  These guys are very cute!


Day 2: Diving and Beach Clean Up

Sunrise on the Dock

Sunrise on the dock as we get ready for the days dives.

The next morning we headed out to Menjangan Island for some more diving.  Our first dive was at a site called Eel Garden and was a wall dive that reached about 40 meters.  The conditions of this dive were the best I have experienced so far!  The water temperature was 28 degree Celsius (82.5 Fahrenheit) when we jumped in and the visibility was 25+ meters.  The vibrancy of the reefs was incredible.  There were so many species of coral and fish that I was unable to keep track of what I was seeing.

After our first dive we went to Post 1 for another beach clean up.  This time we spent about 2 hours.  It is amazing what a few people can accomplish!  When we got to the beach it was covered in trash.  By the time we left it was clean.  It felt great leaving for our second dive and knowing that we had given something back to the ocean.  When we were loading the trash we picked up onto boats we met a local named Nono who has come up with his own project to combat the pollution we are seeing in our oceans.  Nono has started a project where he teaches locals to make handbags by recycling plastic waste.  This has a great impact in educating the local community because it not only brings awareness to problem of pollution but also provides a skill that local populations can use to support themselves.

Our second dive in Anchor Wreck had similar conditions. Because of the size and age of the ship all that is left of Anchor Wreck is a few poles.  The wreck is thought to have been an 1800’s trading vessel or possibly a slave ship that anchored at Menjangan and sank soon after.  To find the wreck you follow the anchor chain down and find the mast at about the 30 meters.  What surprised me about this dive was the amount of light you could see between 30-40 meters where wreck lies.  I am talking clear blue water!

Our second beach clean up.

Our second beach clean up.

As I hovered around 30 meters I could see all the way to the wreck as well as all the way up to the surface.  These are dream diving conditions!

Later that night we went to the local bar and had a barbeque and a few drinks.  It was really nice to spend some more time with the BSB crew.  I got to talk with people and find out more about them.  It’s a good feeling to be building a little family here.

Day 3: Final Dives and Saying Goodbye to Menjangan

Ready to go diving!

Ready to go diving!

Our final day at Menjangan was similar to the first two.  We woke up in the morning and went for a beautiful dive at Temple.  Next we went to the beach at Post 2 and spent another couple of hours cleaning.  After lunch we went on our final dive at a site called The Bat Cave.  When arriving to this site on the boat we could hear all the bats that were living in the cave (hence the name bat cave).  It was cool when we took a peak inside and saw that some caves had over 150 bats hanging from the walls.  During the dive we could even hear some of the bats underwater!  Conditions for the dives were just as great as the fist two days.  The water temperature was around 29 degrees Celsius and the visibility was 20+ meters.  On this dive I even got to see a big Moray Eel swimming which is something I hadn’t seen before.  It was a fantastic way to end an amazing weekend.  I feel so grateful to have spent such a peaceful weekend exploring the beauty that Bali has to offer.  I am already counting the days until I get another change to dive Menjangan!

Marlies Tumolo – Best Dive Job in the World 2012 WINNER

Marlies Tumolo - Winner of the Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Marlies Tumolo - Winner of the Best Dive Job in the World 2012

It has been one year since we announced Kenzo Kiren as the winner of The Best Dive Job in the World 2011.  In the meantime, Kenzo has come and gone, having spent seven months with us fulfilling his dream of becoming a PADI scuba diving instructor.  We now look forward to welcoming Marlies Tumolo to Bali for a seven-month scuba diving internship as the grand prize winner of The Best Dive Job in the World 2012.

Choosing a winner this year was no easy task, and Jonathan and I have been discussing it for quite some time.  Like last year, we understand that this decision will have a big impact on someone’s life and while we wish the possibility existed to help everyone, it is just not an economic reality.  For those of you who have so positively influenced and participated in the contest, we’ll stay in touch with some special information about developments for next year’s contest.

It has been my personal pleasure to gain insight into the lives and personalities of you interesting people and I thank you for that opportunity.  Once again, I extend the gratitude of our entire family here at Blue Season Bali for your support and participation.

Please congratulate Marlies Tumolo as the winner of The Best Dive Job in the World 2012.

Sincere thanks,

Tom West
Jonathan Cross
Blue Season Bali

Want to win a FREE dive computer? Yes, really…

Yep, your friends here at Blue Season Bali are GIVING AWAY a brand new Suunto Zoop dive computer as our second mini-contest in the 2012 Best Dive Job in the World competition.  Simply tell us why your PADI Open Water Course instructor was so good and this great piece of dive gear can be yours, completely free.  We already gave away one PADI course last month, and the contest is just getting started!

Head on over to www.best-dive-job.com for the complete rules on this month’s mini-contest to win a free dive computer.

For those of you who don’t know, the 2012 contest is in full swing over at www.bestdivejob.com/2012.  Just like last year, you gotta be in it to win it!

Calling all Divemasters!

We all know that the Best Dive Job in the World 2012 is in full swing.  Well, as 2011 draws to a close, it’s time for contest winner Kenzo Kiren to take the PADI IDC with our award-winning team here at Blue Season Bali.  We are calling out to certified divemasters the world over to join Kenzo on this one-of-a-kind IDC with our exclusive 28-day IDC Special Offer.

Kenzo will be on the last IDC of the year, commencing November 12 here in beautiful Bali.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to take your diving career to the next level.  Suggested arrival date is November 11 and we will start at 8am the next morning.  Pre-booking IS required, so please contact us today to find out more about how we can help you continue your diving adventure.

We look forward to diving with you all here on The Island of the Gods, Bali.

Tom West
Jonathan Cross
Thomas Barrett
The PADI IDC Bali Team

We’ve gone interactive…

Hi Guys!

We are calling all BDJ fans and hopeful entrants to head over to our 2012 blog to have a look how things are shaping up.  As of today, we want you to help contribute to the Best Dive Job community by telling us what you want to win.  Yes, really.

Go on, have a look: 2012 blog

TW, out.

Did you follow The Best Dive Job in the World?

Hello BDJ Faithful!

Tom West here from sunny Bali, the Island of the Gods.  We have some huge news coming up later in the month.  That’s right, the launch of The Best Dive Job in the World 2012 is nearly upon us.  Jonathan and I are working around the clock to secure some interesting new partnerships and additions to make our 2012 program even bigger and better than before.

One big part of my job in the initial program last year was to explain the outstanding prize to be offered and showcase Bali as the perfect destination for professional scuba diver training.  Well, if you’re seeing this, I don’t have to tell you because you already know.  It’s now even easier that Kenzo is posting about his progress on the BDJ winner’s blog here:  http://www.bestdivejob.com/

Last year’s prize offering stood at a value of around USD 16,000.  At the moment, we are planning to launch a prize which is worth over USD 25,000 and we’re still looking to add value.  The post that you’re reading now will only be seen by people like you who followed the 2011 program.  Now is the chance for you to get a head start on the 2012 competition!

In the upcoming weeks before our launch date of September 30, we will have some fun games and activities which will help you move forward with either following or entering The Best Dive Job in the World 2012.  As you may notice, we are launching a month early to give you all some extra time to prepare and promote your entry in to this year’s contest.

Tip of the day:  Attend the online LAUNCH PARTY 2012 to get the first glimpse of the launch video and special tips to start ahead of the competition.

After the amazing support and response we received last year, we are really looking forward to giving someone else the opportunity of a lifetime.  Stay tuned for all the excitement right here at www.bestdivejob.com!

TW, out.

Priscilla’s first week…

Sunday 17th July – Welcome To Blue Season Bali

The flight to paradise was a smooth and quick one that it seemed almost too surreal to finally set foot on Bali. There were so many pick-ups at the arrival hall but it was not difficult to spot the placard that spells my name along with the Blue Season Bali logo. On my way to the dive centre, I went through all the materials in the orientation package that includes a Bali survival guide, a map, a dive logbook, all the useful information I will need, and a thoughtful welcome letter drafted by Tom West. Now tell me, who wouldn’t be thrilled upon reading this.

So I arrived at Blue Season Bali and finally get to meet the two important persons behind the show (Jonathan Cross and Tom West) as well as the rest of the crew. There had been so much communication going on in the virtual world that finally meeting them in person didn’t feel like a first time.  Spent about an hour going through my induction and learning about the most amazing role I’ve ever faced.

Lovely Widhya then took some time off her work to escort me to my home for the next 3 months, Hotel Puri Yuma; which is approximately 15 mins walk from the dive centre. It is equipped with hot shower facilities, air-condition, free WIFI and a huge queen-size bed for trampoline or wrestling activities. Double thumbs up!

New home for the next 3 months.

The barbeque dinner back at Blue Season Bali blew me away with the warm welcome received. It’s like a big family and I feel so privileged to become a part of this team. Not to mention the food, beers, games, beers, happy people and more beers. Alright, cheers.

Welcome BBQ at BSB.

Monday 18th July – First dive, first Mola Mola.

That’s right! No prize for guessing the first task on my list – scuba diving! Had a really fantastic fun dive at Nusa Penida with instructor Justin, and 3 other interns Emma, Kenny and Elle at Crystal Bay, where we spotted the ever famous Mola Mola. It was a first for most of us, so we got overly excited that we lost our buoyancy control and started bouncing up and down underwater and crashing into one another. A very amusing sight to other divers I would presume.

The corals were amazingly spectacular and vibrant in colours it was so unbelievable. I wish I could show you exactly how beautiful the blooming underwater garden is through pictures or videos but really, nothing beats experiencing it all by yourself. The water may not be the warmest you can find but if that is what it takes to invite the Molas and Mantas out to play, I would brave it all.

Tuesday 19th July – Hi Priscilla, you have a visitor!

My closest friend appeared out of the blue at Blue Season Bali early morning and sprung me a huge surprise to go diving together. It totally caught me off guard and there was a taste of overwhelming sweetness flowing in the air.

Off we went, to Tulamben, where the gorgeous Liberty Wreck sits firmly on the seabed. It was a 2-hour bus ride from Sanur, filled with intermittent naps and scenic window panes flashing through. Both dives we caught sight of a sea turtle; paddling its way through the water and nibbling on dead corals. FREAKING ADORABLE! We were also very intrigued by the school of jacks performing the swirling stunt.

The day ended with a couple of drinks at Potato Head (what a cute name isn’t it), this stunning Beach Club in Seminyak, where the infinity pool lures you in and you get the best sunset views.


Wednesday 20th July – Emergency First Response

This was a day of watching videos and making out with unresponsive dummies (performing CPR) to equip ourselves with Emergency First Response skills. While most people would find this course boring, I had a great time playing a nasty victim by throwing in unscripted scenarios for fellow intern Prakash that instructor Justin conveniently labeled me the “drama queen”.

CPR on unresponsive infant.

The Project AWARE speciality course gave us a better insight on how to conserve and care for our environment. Basically, be more AWARE.

The amount of rubbish we collected underwater and on the beach.

The crew decided to have a spontaneous night dive and I was totally up for it (everyday is full of surprises and excitement). Found so many starfish and lionfish, lying and sleeping around.


Thursday 21st July – Rescue Diver Course Part 1

It was day 4 and diving hasn’t stopped since, except that this time, it’s in the pool. Bye salt water, hello chlorine! Videos and knowledge reviews were covered during the first half of the day, and then putting the theories into some inwater practice. One thing I love about our pool is that sometimes you see snorkels sticking out of the water accompanied by fits of laughter traveling through the tube of air space, you know something must be going on down there.

Time to translate those lessons covered in classroom and skills developed during pool session into practice in a simulated real case scenario. Yes, Rescue Diver Course in open water. Despite really strong currents and harsh water conditions, Prakash and I have effectively rescued both Ketut and Emma in times of needs. Hooray, no casualties! Therefore, I’m quite proud to say I’m officially a Rescue Diver.

Now none of us would expect to see any cool creature during a training dive. A bright red nudibranch called the “Spanish dancer” was floating around elegantly, swaying from side to side, as we gathered and watched the undulating motion in amazement. We were mesmerized for a good few minutes before it hit us that we had got skills practice to carry out.

Blue Season Bali threw a farewell barbeque for Emma who had completed her Divemaster course. Didn’t know they have the tradition of drinking beer through a snorkel too! What amazing and fun loving people we have here.

Poor Emma got dunked into the pool.


Saturday 23rd July – SEA Girls and Buoy Boys

Guiding workshop at Tulamben, both at the wreck dive site and the coral garden dive site with instructor Mandy, and 2 other interns Nate and Prakash. There were so many shrimps and pretty nudibranches. Came across a camouflaged blue spotted stingray and a lionfish too. Awesome blossom!

Elle and Mariza decided we are the SEA girls because we are Southeast Asians and we love the SEA.

SEA girls  :)


Sunday 24th July – P a r t y

Training dives today where we focused on Peak Performance Buoyancy and navigation underwater. Learnt how to perform the U-pattern and expanding square for search and recovery as well as how to operate a lift bag.

It’s off day for most of us on Mondays which spells p a r t y. Had a couple of cheap beers at this rustic Angel’s Bar before heading out to Sky Garden in Kuta. The nightlife in Kuta is simply astounding.


This is it! My first week in Bali has been nothing short of spectacular. I can’t believe I have done so much in just a few days. Each day is filled with surprises and is an adventure in itself. If the next 11 weeks continue at this speed, I’ll never be able to keep up with writing. I have so much to share about the life here in Blue Season Bali. Compare to these experts of the sea, I’m still relatively inexperienced in this scuba world with merely 23 logged dives, but everyone here is so passionate about what they’re doing and so generous about sharing their wonderful scuba experiences it really makes you feel so warm in the heart. I’m on my way to becoming a Divemaster, but what’s more important than that really, is meeting all these incredible people and building fond memories together.

Love all of you who made this possible.

Priscilla  :)

Kenzo is up and blogging!

Hey BDJ Fans!

Just a quick update today to let you know that the WINNER of our 2011 “The Best Dive Job in the World” campaign, Kenzo Kiren, is here in Bali and is ready to share his daily experiences with the world.  Kenzo has had a busy first week here in beautiful Bali getting to know the team and “getting his feet wet” so to speak.  Kenzo has already provided a glimpse into his first week on his blog, here:


Yesterday, we took him down and got his set of Aqualung scuba diving equipment at Divemasters Bali and had a great tour of the shop by sales manager, Zach.  Watch for an update on Kenzo’s blog about his equipment and also about finishing his PADI rescue diver course today!  Kenzo, you are a busy man.  Welcome to the club!

TW, out.

Welcome to Bali, Priscilla Ong!

Just a quick one here, guys.

We are excited to welcome Priscilla Ong here to Blue Season Bali to join us for the next three months as she claims her three-month Divemaster internship.  Watch right here at www.bestdivejob.com/blog to watch Priscilla’s progress as she transforms her diving,  photography and video skills.

We’ll be making some major changes to the website in the upcoming weeks as we prepare to showcase her journey into the world of the PADI professional.  She and contest winner Kenzo Kiren will be posting blogs so that you can all keep up to date on their adventures here in Bali.

Priscilla arrived this afternoon and will be off diving tomorrow at Nusa Penida in search of manta rays and Bali’s famous mola-mola.  I, for one, am well jealous!

Right, I gotta run.  The welcome barbecue has already begun without me!

TW, out.

Things are busy here in Bali!

Hi Friends, Fans and Followers!

You may have noticed a distinct lack of BDJ updates streaming across your Facebook accounts and RSS feeds over the past couple of months.  Well, Jonathan and I have had our noses hard to the proverbial grindstone organizing things for our two winners of the BDJ 2011 contest who will join us here in beautiful Bali in just a few short weeks’ time.  In addition to the logistical planning for Kenzo and Priscilla, we’ve been in the lab, mad-scientist-style, coming up with some ridiculous plans for the 2012 contest.

There is only one Best Dive Job in the World – and that is as a PADI instructor learning right here at the region’s most lauded and accomplished PADI Career Development Center, Blue Season Bali.  Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook and this blog for some big announcements over the next few weeks and months.  Naturally, we also invite you to follow the journey of Kenzo and Priscilla as they make the transition from the everyday to the extraordinary.

On a closing note, the diving industry has a particularly fruitful grapevine.  There are rumors of plans for other dive centers to launch their own versions of The Best Dive Job in the World.  All I can say is “good luck” as the term “best” is, by definition, pretty exclusive.  When our 2012 program rolls out, there will be little debate about the subject.  The BDJ 2012 features some inclusions so unique, they can only take place right here on Bali, the Island of the Gods.  Check back here for some seriously cool updates soon!

Well, I gotta run; the sun is shining, the sand is sparkling and the surf is up.

TW, out.

Best Dive Job in the World – 2012

Hi Fans-

Tom West here from Blue Season Bali.  It’s been a while since our last posts here on the blog and I just thought I would give a quick update to the 2011 contest and also provide a sneak preview of the 2012 contest as well.

Contest winner Kenzo Kiren is due to join us in the upcoming weeks to begin his seven-month instructor training internship.  Our second prize winner Priscilla Ong will also be joining us later in the year to begin her three-month divemaster and photo/video internship.  Needless to say, we are very excited to have them come!

Now, on to 2012…  Many of you already know that our 2011 contest prize is the largest prize ever given out in the scuba diving industry.  Well, we’re not content with just offering the same prize again in 2012.  No, we’re going bigger and better for next year.  At the moment, we are in negotiations with big names in the scuba diving and travel industries to offer more equipment, training, experiences and probably even flights.

I can’t go and give away all the program details quite yet, but be ready for a big announcement once we get everything nailed down.  We are projecting a launch date sometime in August or September for our 2012 competition, so stay tuned right here at www.bestdivejob.com for all the juicy details.

That’s it for now from sunny Bali.  Surf’s up!

Tom West
Jonathan Cross
The Best Dive Job in the World

WINNER – Kenzo Kiren!

Our team here at Blue Season Bali would like to congratulate Kenzo Kiren on winning The Best Dive Job in the World 2011.  Kenzo fought his way through the past several months to emerge as this year’s winner despite fierce competition from some spectacular contestants.  Like many of our entrants, his efforts have been both entertaining and candid, revealing a personality we are happy to welcome into our team.

Well, it’s about 6pm in Vancouver and I suspect there will be some festivities in town tonight.  Kenzo owes a big thank-you, and likely a round of beers, to all the people who have supported his entry into the contest.  If there is one thing that has emerged over the past two weeks, it is that all of our finalists have immense support from their friends and family.  At the end of the day, what more could a person want?  The love and support shown throughout the program has been a truly human experience and I am personally grateful for the opportunity to have been involved with it.

To all of our finalists, I cannot extend our thanks enough for making this contest such a huge success.  I would suggest that you come away from this experience with a defined sense of accomplishment and a renewed valuation of your friends and family.  The purpose of this contest, in my own mind, has changed over the past few weeks and I take more away from the fact that we have identified so many enthusiastic and outstanding individuals.  Your friends and family already knew it, and we are now glad to have met you all.

You will succeed in your diving goals because you have what it takes.  I train instructors for a living and if every one of them had your enthusiasm and personality, this would be an even more fantastic industry.  For all of you who have entered the program, you should take pride in the fact that you have so many great people in your life willing to wake up in the middle of the night, miss exams, etc. to show their support for you.  There is no prize bigger in life than the respect and support of those around you, and for that, you are all truly remarkable people.

I have said it already, but we will be launching a bigger, meatier, and more bad ass contest in a just a couple of months.  You will all receive advance notification of the details of the contest and tips to win.  Keep rocking and remember, all finalists are invited to come to Bali and go diving on us.  Finally, I will extend one last huge, massive, COLOSSAL THANK-YOU to each and every one of you.  You are all incredible people.

Much love,

Tom West
Jonathan Cross
The Best Dive Job in the World

Blue Season Bali
PADI Career Development Center 6570


Hun hao Priscilla, and congratulations for winning the second place prize in The Best Dive Job in the World 2011 competition.  It is my pleasure to invite you to join us for three months of divemaster, underwater photo and video training with our team here at Blue Season Bali.

It’s time pack your bags and get ready for some fun in the sun as you will be joining us to perfect your underwater video and photo skills while earning your PADI divemaster certification over three months here in beautiful Bali.  Your videos will feature as regular updates on our network of sites so that your supporters can follow your experience.  We will teach you photo and video editing techniques for the web and the rest is up to you to become a scuba celebrity!

Your videos showcased your creativity and personality very well and it looks like you will have a fantastic time applying your skills as you learn about underwater photography and videography.  Maybe you can even help us with our launch video for The Best Dive Job in the World 2012???  😉

We will give you a call later today to see when you would like to come out and join us.  You might expect some contact from press as well due to the huge following you have in the contest.

In the meantime, congratulations Priscilla.  We will look forward to diving with you soon here in beautiful Bali!

Tom West
Jonathan Cross
The Best Dive Job in the World 2011

Blue Season Bali
PADI Career Development Center 6570

Second Place Prize Announced

Good morning from our team here in beautiful Bali. After the first ten days of the month Jonathan and I have both taken a much needed day off and we’re now ready for the final phase of The Best Dive Job in the World 2011 competition. Today marks the announcement of our previously unplanned-for second place prize.

Some weeks ago, we sat down and had a chat about all the great feedback we were getting from the entrants and their supporters in this competition. Two things became apparent during that conversation. First, this would not be a “one-off” competition, but rather we would try to offer this opportunity to someone every year. Second, we realized that there were too many great applicants to pick just one. We decided that all this great support meant that we should offer a second place internship prize as well.

Naturally, all of our fantastic Top Ten finalists are in it to win the seven months of instructor training, including equipment and materials with us here on the Island of the Gods. Well, only one person will win that prize, so please have a look at our announcement for the second place scuba diving internship being given away:

  • 3-months PADI divemaster internship training (starting from any level)
  • Emphasis on underwater VIDEO and PHOTO
  • 3-months of single accommodation
  • Lunches on diving days
  • Free equipment use during the training
  • Unlimited diving in Bali
  • Video and Photo editing training
  • Regular video, photo and text blogging on our network of sites.

This professional divemaster internship will be heavily focused on underwater photo and video – along with editing and posting. Just like in the first place prize, all the training, diving, accommodation, materials, application fees, etc. is completely free and is a big “thank-you” from our team here at Blue Season Bali for your participation in the program.

If you’re one of the Top Ten, please post here or email us if you would like to be considered for the second place prize (of course, that is, if you don’t win The Best Dive Job in the World). Jonathan and I are still poring over the awesome entries from all of you, so everything is still up in the air. One thing is sure, we have committed to publishing our decision on the 15th, and we’ll let you know both winners on that date. In the meantime, thanks once again from all of our team here at Blue Season Bali for your outstanding support for The Best Dive Job in the World 2011.

Keep diving!

Tom West
Jonathan Cross
The Best Dive Job in the World

Blue Season Bali
PADI Career Development Center 6570

Just before we close the Top Ten

Hello World!

I just wanted to take a minute this morning before we announce our last finalist to thank you all for the support you have given to each other and to the The Best Dive Job in the World 2011 contest. It has been amazing for us to see a group of like-minded enthusiasts come together and interact so positively. This is what diving does for a lot of people. Blue Season Bali is proud to have had the opportunity to sponsor this contest and I hope you have met some good dive buddies along the way.

There are scores of meritorious applicants and some extremely creative, funny and downright wacky entries. I have met some people through this contest who will make excellent instructors due to their enthusiasm, charisma and sheer tenacity. To those people, I say this: if you are not selected to win this contest, please do not give up on your dream. You are the ones who will succeed in this industry and prove to be real assets to your students and the dive centers who will employ you. The dive industry needs people like you!

The selection process for the Top Ten has been difficult. No doubt, the selection process over the upcoming few days will be even more so. Personally, I appreciate the fact that this contest means so much to so many people. I have come together with Jonathan to compose a second place prize for the runner up which will feature some professional-level diving training as well. Look out for that announcement from Blue Season Bali on the 13th. Our winner will then be announced on the 15th.

This program was initially called “The Best Dive Job in the World,” but after the fantastic support we got from all of you, you may have noticed that I started including “2011” at the end each time I referenced the contest in my posts. We have decided that this is not a one-time contest. We intend to make it an annual program and next year’s program is sure to be bigger and better. We are now courting some big name corporate sponsors to add even better value to the contest prizes and hopefully even provide more winning spaces for next year.

Thank you once again for all of the positive support you have given each other. To all of you, I extend my personal thanks and also that on behalf of Blue Season Bali. It has been a great journey and I will look forward to seeing some familiar faces when we announce our 2012 project in a few months’ time. If you happen to be in Bali in the meantime, drop by and you’ve got a cold one on me.

Sincerest thanks,

Tom West
The Best Dive Job in the World

Blue Season Bali
PADI Career Development Center

TOP TEN Finalist – Sam Perry

March 9, 2011. The ninth finalist announcement of The Best Dive Job in the World 2011 contest will come as no surprise to many of you who have been following the contest since it began. We are pleased to announce Sam Perry as today’s finalist. With one more finalist to be announced tomorrow, we are only six days away from helping someone take the plunge and become a PADI diving instructor here on the “Island of the Gods,” Bali.

Welcome to the finals, Sam Perry! The support you have garnered from your friends and colleagues has been impressive. They may continue to support your bid in the contest by clicking here and commenting on your entry. Remember, guys we are putting out the finalist list in no particular order so Sam has the same chance of winning as anyone else. Also remember, we still have one finalist yet to announce tomorrow and then I will likely announce our second place prize on the 12th…

Sam had a few things to say during her email interview:

BSB: What is the most amazing experience of your life?
SP: You already know about my first time (diving) – so I would say getting a cake from Ace of Cakes for my 30th birthday (it’s a show on food network – see “my amazing cake” on fbook for photos). I’ve never had anyone do something so special and thoughtful for me before and getting to eat THAT much cake was amazing.

BSB: If you are already a scuba diver, what is the best place you have ever dived, and why?
SP: My experiences in diving aren’t as much about location as they are about how I’ve felt. There was one evening that I was in our quarry – there was a moment where I looked up and I had perfect peace – the bubbles, the light and sioulette of three fish above me. It may not be the BEST location, but the feeling is untouchable.

BSB: If you were stuck on an island for the rest of your life but could take only three things with you, what would they be?
SP: My best friend Kris so I wouldn’t be bored. My iPhone so I can check facebook and call my parents and a bottomless bag of gummy bears because they are just so good. Plus I figure any island I would land on I could just go to a store and get what I need. :)

BSB: What would you say is your most positive personal attribute?
SP: My ability to overcome obstacles and to tackle challenges head on. I never back down from a challenge and if you tell me I can’t do something, not only will I do it, but I will kick ass at it, have fun and make others enjoy the experience also.

BSB: If you could improve one thing about yourself, what would it be?
SP: I may come across as confident but I tend to be very hard on myself. I want to succeed in all I do and sometimes I need to be a bit easier on myself. I also need to stop dating douchebags (that is advice from friends)

BSB: Any question you would like to ask us?
SP: Hummmmmm…. what to ask… what to ask… how is this the hardest question for me to answer… no wait, that isn’t your question. Um…. Got it.
Why, beyond just diving, do you love/enjoy your job?
TW: Sharing. Sharing the knowledge, sharing the skills, sharing the experiences. Sharing the love!

Congratulations, Sam, as we move into the final phase of the contest. You and all of your supporters can follow the updates over the following week right here at www.bestdivejob.com/blog/

Once again, thanks for the support and we wish the best to you all!

Tom West
Jonathan Cross
Blue Season Bali

The Best Dive Job in the World

TOP TEN Finalist – Hailey Herdlinger

March 8, 2011. Today’s announcement is the 8th of 10 finalists in The Best Dive Job in the World 2011 competition. It is my pleasure to congratulate Hailey Herdlinger for becoming today’s finalist. We are now only a week away from announcing who will join us for a seven month scuba diving internship here in beautiful Bali!

Well done, Hailey Herdlinger for all the support you have generated both on the Blog and on Facebook. Your fans can support you by clicking here and commenting on your entry. We still have two finalists to announce in the first annual Best Dive Job in the World competition, where one lucky winner will join us for seven months of PADI divemaster internship and PADI instructor training here in beautiful Bali. Also remember, we have not yet announced our second place prize!

We asked Hailey a few questions when she made the shortlist:

BSB: What is the most amazing experience of your life?
HH: When I was 22 years old I started my own business and successfully owned and operated it for 2 years. I put a lot of hard work into getting the business started up and I was very proud of my accomplishments. In 2007, I decided that since I was young and single and full of energy, I should experience more of the world so I sold my business and moved across the world to Australia. I lived in Australia for 2 years and adored every second of it! I worked hard and played hard and saw some of the most exotic, incredible places and animals (both on land and under water) that I’d ever experienced. I submerged myself into the culture and met some friends that will remain close to my heart for a lifetime. While the sights were fascinating, the most amazing part was that I expanded my horizons exponentially; I learned a lot about Australia (as well as New Zealand and Fiji) but I learned more about myself.

I want so badly to be able to have an equally (or more) amazing experience with Blue Season Bali. I hope that my application will be seriously considered and that I can have a chance to experience both Bali and the fascinating culture of scuba divers.

BSB: If you are already a scuba diver, what is the best place you have ever dived, and why?
HH: am not a certified diver, but I did dive the Great Barrier Reef in Australia two years ago and it was an incredible experience and I feel so lucky to have had that opportunity. It was GORGEOUS!

BSB: If you were stuck on an island for the rest of your life but could take only three things with you, what would they be?
HH: Gummy Bears, lip gloss and fingernail clippers! Just kidding. I would take a BOAT (of course), a knife and water!

BSB: What would you say is your most positive personal attribute?
HH: Definitely my attitude. I am always positive and upbeat and I am very easy going. I adapt well to change and pride myself on being able to “go with the flow” and not complain about things that aren’t perfect but rather find the silver lining on every dark cloud.

BSB: If you could improve one thing about yourself, what would it be?
HH: I am generally happy with myself but I do I regret that I didn’t have the time or resources to pursue diving while I was in Australia. Getting PADI certified is on my “bucket list” and I plan to (eventually) pursue that dream whether I win The Best Dive Job or not. So, I would love the opportunity to improve myself in Bali and to be able to call myself a diver.

Also, I wouldn’t mind being blond for a day or two. It might be an improvement…

BSB: Any question you would like to ask us?
HH: How amazing is your quality of life as a diver in Bali and how can I make sure that I get to experience that world too?
BSB: Being a professional scuba diving instructor is a pretty portable career. As diving instructors, we can work almost anywhere in the world. I have chosen to live in Bali because it offers world-class diving and a fantastic cultural experience all set against stunning tropical backdrop. There are dive centers offering professional scuba diving training everywhere, but the Blue Season Bali professional development experience is truly unique.

Thanks again, Hailey, for your entry and support of the program. We are already looking forward to announcing our winners in just one week’s time. With only two finalists yet to be announced, be sure to stay tuned right here at www.bestdivejob.com/blog/

Once again, thanks for the support and we wish the best to you all!

Tom West
Jonathan Cross
Blue Season Bali

The Best Dive Job in the World

That’s it!

Well that was the last post that I am able to put up today.  If your application is not up on here then I am very sorry but we will be running another competition later on in the year.

Good luck to everyone who has entered – the count down begins now!


BDJ 2011 Contest Closed – Who will Win?

Whew… Well, I tell you that it has been an amazing four months for us here at Blue Season Bali. I can speak for myself, Jonathan Cross, and the whole team when I say that we are thoroughly impressed with the response you have generated with your entries into The Best Dive Job in the World 2011 contest.

It has been a great journey for us as a team, but one lucky winner’s journey has not yet begun. Jonathan and I are meeting with the rest of the selection panel on a daily basis to determine who will join us to dive in Bali on a seven-month scuba diving internship. There have been some great entries and we congratulate you all on your efforts!

Perhaps the most interesting thing that has come out of the meetings of the selection panel so far is the determination there has been too much hard work done by all the great contestants for us to award just one prize. For that reason, there will be a second-place award, the details of which are still being worked out by Jonathan and myself. I say again, there will be one winner of the fantastic seven-month prize you have all read about on this website, but there will also be another second-place prize as well. We offer this in appreciation of all your hard work.

In addition to the second-place prize, Jon and I are trying to hash out the particulars on how we can help you all meet your goals in diving. As we prepare the launch of The Best Dive Job in the World 2012, we will be distributing free tutorials about dive theory, skills and career planning to help you get to where you want to be. You can watch out for this in the upcoming months prior to the launch of our much-anticipated 2012 contest.

What will change during the 2012 contest? Well, we’re not quite sure at the moment. A few things are certain. As a quickly growing company, we will definitely be able to outpace the offering we could present in 2011. There will be expanded corporate sponsorship, possibly including flights, upgraded accommodation and even more free equipment. We are looking at all possible angles and negotiating with some big name companies to bring you the best contest offering the dive industry has ever seen. Stay tuned and visit this blog often as we prepare to make your diving dreams come true.

I look forward to diving with you all here in beautiful Bali!

Tom West
The Best Dive Job in the World
Blue Season Bali
PADI Career Development Center #6570

855 minutes to go!

Four months of very hard work is almost to an end and sitting from my desk I can feel the anxiety out there.  I actually prefer getting wet but you have all been keeping me busy every day by your constant applications, blogging, comments, posts, emails and what have you.

Best Dive Job in the World with Blue Season Bali Diving

Best Dive Job in the World

So firstly, a huge well done to everyone who has participated in any way to this competition – I never really thought it was going to be such a success.   But it has been and that is down to all of you for embracing this opportunity.

The hardest part starts in 855 minutes as we will stop receiving applications and start to work out who deserves to become a PADI Instructor. I can hear you all shouting  ” I do” , and I am sure that many of you deserve this but as always, there can be only one winner.

So let me explain what is going to happen at midnight tonight (Bali time).

First, we are not going to accept any more applications – even if you bribe me with….well, we won’t go there.  Midnight is the deadline!

From tomorrow, 1st March, we will start to post the ten finalist for the competition.  Every day I will post one of the finalists so that by the 10th March we will know exactly who the top ten are.  The finalists will not be posted in any particular order, so if you get posted first, or last, it makes absolutely no difference at all.

During these ten days you are still welcome to gain support for your entry; our minds won’t be totally made up for the final ten until the last day.

If you are then one of the finalists you have a few days to persuade us that you are the best person to win this prize.

On the 15th March Blue Season Bali will announce the winner of the Best Dive Job in the World – get in!


How to show your support

I like watching Manta rays when I go diving in Bali.

Time to see some Mantas

First of all I would like to say a huge well done to everyone so far who have for all the hard work that has gone into making these entries. The best part of may day, when I am not in the water, is spent watching and reading the new Best Dive Job in the World Applications.  I never thought the competition would bring so many people in, so thank you very much.

I have heard recently that a number of people are confused on how to vote, or show their support for their friends.  So I want to give you some information so that you understand how we are thinking.

The first thing to note is that we will not be deciding the winner by votes, or there level of support alone.  It does play a part but there are many other factors that will be involved in our decision.  When you are in Bali we will want you to show the world how much fun you are having in Bali.  Your ability to use online tools such as Facebook, Youtube, twitter and blogs is thus an important factor.

If you do want to show your support for someone then you can use any, or all, of the following methods.

1. Post a comment on the blog post – you will need to sign up to the blog in order to do that.  I also have to approve the comments each day so that we don’t get any unwanted comments on there.

2. Post comments on our Facebook group.

3. Post comments on our twitter account.

4. Post a comment below the video entry on our Youtube channel.

5. If you really have something good to say then you can send me an email to win@bestdivejob.com although with this method it really has to be something good.  You cannot begin to imagine how many emails I get :)

So any of these methods are fine to vote and show your support to your friends.  If you have any questions then please let me know – win@bestdivejob.com

Keep up the good work – as I mentioned on the latest email we will be sending out emails in a few days to the short listed candidates (so far).

Time to go diving…


So far, so good… and TIPS TO WIN!

Hi guys, Tom and Jon here from Blue Season Bali.  We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has stopped by the site, subscribed, left a comment, or even made the first step toward changing their lives- actually entering!

In the ten days since we launched the program we have received 59 entries, 600 subscribers and 16000 visits to the website.  This is great momentum, but it is quite literally just the beginning!  Over November and December, this contest will feature in prominent print and online media, reaching millions of readers, attracting additional interest and generating an eventual following for the future winner!  There’s nothing quite like becoming a scuba celebrity, eh?

You need to set yourself apart.  We need to see who you really are, that you’re motivated to succeed, and that you can use various tools to help you achieve that success.  One upcoming trend in the scuba diving industry is that effective instructors can always market themselves.  Knowing how to use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other online media to promote yourself are key skills.  So, get out there and Tweet, share on facebook, and spread the word!

The world is watching.  Will you win The Best Dive Job in the World?

Meet the Candidates – Best Dive Job in the World

Best Dive Job in the World

Best Dive Job in the World

Well done to everyone who has sent in their applications so far, keep them coming.

Over the next few weeks I am going to start to post some of the better applications that we have received on the blog and on our youtube channel.  Many of the applications we are receiving will not be posted if they do not meet our guidelines.

Remember, if you are submitting a written entry then please send us photos also so we can see what you are like.  We are  not looking for CV’s, we are looking for information about what makes you special! Why should we give you such a great opportunity? How will you make other people happy when you take the scuba diving in Bali?  Be creative.

We would also really like to see more videos coming in; even just you on a webcam would be fantastic.

Good luck – Best Dive Job in the World

Applications coming in!

Hello Monday Morning!

Best Dive Job in the World launch Party

Best Dive Job in the World launch Party

As the effects of the Best Dive Job in the World launch party wears off it is back to the office.  It is great to see that we have already had people send in their entries for the competition.  I was not expecting any quite so soon but it is all good.

I have also had a lot of emails coming in about the competition; I will try and get back to all of you as soon as I can but I can clear up a couple of things right now.

1. Anyone who is above 18 can enter.  Even if you are already a diver / divemaster / instructor you are still welcome to enter.  Whatever level you are, we will just provide you with seven months of world class training in Bali.

2.  You do not need to be able to speak fantastic English.  If you are not so confident with your English please still apply as we are not worried about how well you can speak, or how good your grammar is.  We want someone with personality and character, someone who will make other people smile and laugh.

There is no reason why any of you should not enter and try to change you life forever.

Remember you have to enter to win so send us your entries.


Best Dive Job in the World

Best Dive Job in The World


Blue Season Bali wants to give away a $16,000 dive package to the right candidate.

October 30, 2010, Bali, Indonesia……Indonesia-based dive outfit Blue Season Bali today launched a recruitment campaign to train someone for the best dive job in the world – that of a PADI-certified dive instructor on the island of Bali: For free.

Blue Season Bali Director Jonathan Cross said: “It’s a great life. The successful candidate will go scuba diving every day, get a suntan, spend seven months on the paradise island of Bali and get up close and personal with the world’s most diverse marine ecosystem. And we’ll pay for it.”

The winning applicant will be chosen from the best one-minute video blog submitted to Blue Season Bali on the theme of ‘Why I Deserve the Best Dive Job in the World.’ The competition opens on October 30th 2010 and closes on February 28, 2011. Anyone with a sense of adventure may apply. No diving experience is necessary.

Said Cross: “Our lifestyle is too good to be kept a secret. We will pick one person from all applicants who we think is most deserving of this training: to learn, from scratch if necessary, how to become a certified PADI scuba instructor.”

The package is worth nearly $16,000 and includes all training necessary to become a PADI scuba diving instructor- free accommodation for seven months while in Bali, free equipment, free teaching materials …and free suntan lotion. Said Cross: “The successful applicant will spend a lot of time exploring the underwater world, but the sand, sun and surf of Bali are incredible, which is what the lotion is for.”

The winner’s daily activities – aside from learning how to teach sizzling backpackers the ins and outs of scuba – will include making a weekly video blog, enjoying the superb adventure activities and nightlife of Bali, and writing about their experiences. Said Cross: “A PADI dive instructor’s life is filled with excitement and adventure. Imagine your office filled with coral reefs, palm trees and sea breezes, instead of copiers, fax machines and computers. This life is a reality for PADI dive instructors all over the world and it will soon be a reality for the winner of Blue Season Bali’s ‘Best Dive Job in the World’ contest.”

As a PADI 5* Career Development Center, Blue Season Bali holds the industry’s highest accreditation for dive operators, a reflection of their years of commitment to quality in diver education. Blue Season Bali was chosen by PADI Asia Pacific as the winner of this year’s ‘Outstanding Dive Business Award’ and has received numerous industry awards for quality in training and customer service.

The island of Bali in Indonesia is world renowned for its superb diving, excellent party and beach life, kaleidoscopic Hindu culture and hot, sunny weather. Voted as the “World’s Best Island” by the readers of Time and Travel & Leisure magazines, Bali is a top international destination for divers and surfers alike. Located in the very cradle of global marine diversity, the variety of fish and coral species to be found there is unrivalled in South East Asia.

Enter to win the World’s Best Dive Job at: www.bestdivejob.com

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