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Islam F. Bahnasy – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Why I want to change my life and become a PADI Instructor?

Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Best Dive Job in the World 2012

I’m a Software Developer and I have 25 years old my childhood dreams were about to learn how to create computer programs, dive and to fly.

I did that all except flying but my dreams were not only about doing those things but to be professional in them because my mind and soul is living on those hobbies.

I did my PADI Open Water course in 2009 and from that time I couldn’t stop thinking about diving and about learning more about it, my passion didn’t stop at that point but I was keen to motivate my friends and family to dive and I was teaching them about what I have learned in the Open Water course.

I reached a time were I was everything in my life, I took a very difficult decision which is to switch my career to become diving instructor. I was searching about internships in the Red Sea till I found a good one then I started my new life and after I became PADI Rescue Diver with 180 dives, a lot of things happened in my life one of them was the Egyptian Revolution so I had to stop for a while but diving still in my heart then after a while my instructor dead and that was really bad time.

So that was really affecting my life since I couldn’t continue my dive education because I ran out of money and also couldn’t find a job in my old career “Software Development” because the economical state is not good after the revolution.

I can remember every dive I have done, that is the best memory I have in my mind. breathing in different environment and being weightless and this environment is touching me that is the best feeling I ever felt.

I love to teach people what I love to do and I’m good in that so becoming a PADI Instructor will put me in a place where I can give people good knowledge and make their lives great


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