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Dear Best Dive Job in The World,


My name is Alan and I’m 29 year old PADI Divemaster. I recently completed my divemaster Internship this summer on the beautiful island of Ibiza. I went from total beginner to divemaster in two months. It’s fair to say this was the best experience of my life and I never want to go back to the 9-5 rat race that most jobs have to offer. The reason I took this step in my life was because I’d become disheartened with life in the UK. My friend suggested scuba diving to me, so I began researching the industry and before I knew it I had signed myself up for a Divemaster Internship. I have now become totally obsessed with diving and want to go all the way to course director, even platinum course director one day.

The Best Dive Job in the WorldSince my return to the UK I have been on the PADI pro’s site everyday looking for work in the industry. The more I look the more I realise I need to be an instructor or higher to gain employment. The only thing stopping me achieving this is money. I figure to get myself the best chance of work is to become a staff instructor. I will get there eventually after years of saving but I don’t want to wait 5 years or so down the line, I want it now! I’ve tasted the lifestyle and I want more. Yes it’s hard work, yes the hours can be long but teaching others to dive or even guiding certified divers is a wonderful experience. Never in my wildest dreams did I want to be a teacher when I was younger. Diving has changed everything for me though and teaching is all I want to do now. It gives job satisfaction a whole new meaning to me. I want to spread my love of diving to the rest of the world through the art of teaching, teaching the PADI way. Enjoyable and fun but in a very safe way.

I’m not going to say I deserve this more than the next person because I don’t. This is an amazing package you guys are offering and if I was lucky enough to win I can guarantee it would not be wasted on me. You would be helping someone who is 100% dedicated to succeeding and bring happiness to other divers and non-divers alike.

So without going on to much about why I deserve to come to Bali I am now going to beg. Please, please, please with sugar on top let me come to Bali and help me to become the best instructor PADI has ever known, you probably won’t let me leave once I’m there.

Happy Fishes,
Alan Ireland

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