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Agung Setiadha – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Why I want to change my life and become a PADI Instructor?
By: Agung Setiadha

My name is Agung Setiadha or shortly Seth. I have bachelor degree in informatics. Even though I studied IT, I’ve been concerning myself that I’m a little bit “green” compare to others. I even made website with green theme for my own first website project, for instance. With the time, I’ve been to many places and seen so many faces and I find out that the nature and its beauty is one of my interests.

Then one day I came up with an idea to document my travels on my Facebook and/or my blog. I love taking pictures, but since then I made more and more pictures and video, and spread it out on the internet and share the information about my travels. During my travels, I also love to meet the local people and get blended with them; I think that’s why I’m enjoying also being a nomad.

When I was living in Yogyakarta I had spare time more than average people, it’s because of my job had flexible office hours. I used some of my time to take French course, and to start swimming. After a while, I decided to take days off for snorkeling to karimun islands. I went snorkeling before in gili trawangan, but this time it was really amazing and so stunning with the view of the underwater, the islands and the beaches as well. I’m getting addicted and crazy about snorkeling, so after I move to Bali I traveled each and every weekend driving my bike and hunting for beaches & snorkeling spot. It’s poisoning my mind and it didn’t take so long until I’m certified OW diver.

So now diving is one of my passions after traveling. And this year, when New Year’s eve I said to myself that this year I have to get at least rescue diver license. It’s a great idea and would be a best job in the world if my hobbies become my work, because what I’ve learn also is that you will do your best and outstanding at your own field when you’re really loving and passionate about it. So now I know what I really want in my life, why don’t I want to be PADI instructor if yes it is the best job in the world? J


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