Rescue your buddies

Our Rescue Diver Course started last Thursday on 28th of May, and oh, boy, was it intense!

We went to the Dogs Point beach in Sanur and after a few minutes of a boat ride, we arrived on the location where we conducted our training. Water temperature was around 30°C and for the first time I wore only the short Aqua lung wetsuit during the dive. It felt amazing!

We practiced approaching tired as well as panicking diver while keeping an eye contact for the whole time. While carefully assessing them, we had to stay out of their reach and locate their BCD inflator before grabbing them by their tanks. Also, we had to establish positive buoyancy before escorting them to the boat.

Beside master Yoshi, our great instructor, Steph and Simon were assisting with our rescue course assignments. Both of them were super helpful, giving us a lot of extra tips and advices. They were also extremely patient with us polishing our new skills and doing our best to save our “victims”. Thank you, guys, we love you!

Day after we came back to the same spot to finish our rescue training. We had a chance to experience the scenarios Yoshi created for us which were by far my favorite part of the course! He split us in two groups and we had to orientate ourselves under the surface to find a missing diver. As soon as we found the unresponsive diver, played by splendid actor Simon, we had to make sure to ascent with him safely to the surface, initiate rescue breaths and evacuate him ASAP. That was a bit stressful part of the course but also very useful in our further training. I surely look forward to the new assignments waiting for us on the Dive Master Course! Bring it on!

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