Divemaster Training: Fish ID

Humpheads on the wreck

Can you name those fish?!? I can! Humphead Parrotfish.

We spent the last few days doing an overnight trip at Tulamben.  Tulamben is a diving area that is about 2.5 hours north of Sanur.  It is home to the USAT Liberty wreck, a 125 m ship that was beached after being hit by a Japanese torpedo during World War II and then pushed back into the water when Mt. Agung exploded in 1963.  Juliette and I joined Henley, Baz, and Tom MacKenzie on an overnight to assist them with some Advanced Open Water courses.  It was a lot of fun and great company!

We also completed our Fish ID specialty while we were there.  T-Mac and Henley spend a lot of time going through fish books and drawing pictures explaining to us how to identify different species of fish.  Then we completed 2 dives with out slates and wrote recorded all the different species that we could identify.  I learned a lot and am now much more comfortable identifying the fish I see while diving.  My new favorite, surgeon fish!



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