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Lorena Espin – Winner of the Best Dive Job in the World 2014/2015


After the closing ceremony for the Best Dive Job in the World, I spent a week of downtime with Jason and Lisa at the Prama Sanur Beach. As you already know, I am very appreciative of downtime. But I was especially happy to spend time with my friends before they left.

divemaster diving in bali with mola mola

My IDC starts in a few weeks; I am very excited about it but more on that shortly. In the meantime, I am diving every day. It feels great to be back in the water, but moreover it feels great to be confident in the water. Every dive, I find something cool. Unfortunately I have yet to see a Mola Mola, but I am optimistic that I will meet and befriend one before my year is up.


Soon I will collect my own dive gear, courtesy of Aqualung and Suunto. I do not think it needs to be said but I will say it anyway: OMG I AM SO EXCITED TO GET MY OWN GEAR! It is starting to sink in just how much I have won. I knew that I would have liked to win – because, come on, how fun is winning?! – but I did not realize how much I needed it.

I cannot wait for IDC to start and to meet the other candidates. This time the playing field is a little more level because we are all going in with the same certifications, knowledge, and mastery of skills. No more feeling like the underdog.

But never mind the playing field because the IDC is not a competition and I am incredibly excited about that. These soon-to-arrive candidates will not be competitors, they will be friends.

IDC friends in bali

Admittedly, I am already nervous about the looming Instructor Examination, but I will cross that bridge when I get there.


Once that bridge is crossed, I am very excited to think that soon I will be teaching my first PADI Open Water students. I remember my first open water dive. This is partly because it was not that long ago, but mostly because it was a memorable and enriching experience. To be a part of that experience for other people – this is what I look forward to the most!


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