Welcome to Bali, Priscilla Ong!

Just a quick one here, guys.

We are excited to welcome Priscilla Ong here to Blue Season Bali to join us for the next three months as she claims her three-month Divemaster internship.  Watch right here at www.bestdivejob.com/blog to watch Priscilla’s progress as she transforms her diving,  photography and video skills.

We’ll be making some major changes to the website in the upcoming weeks as we prepare to showcase her journey into the world of the PADI professional.  She and contest winner Kenzo Kiren will be posting blogs so that you can all keep up to date on their adventures here in Bali.

Priscilla arrived this afternoon and will be off diving tomorrow at Nusa Penida in search of manta rays and Bali’s famous mola-mola.  I, for one, am well jealous!

Right, I gotta run.  The welcome barbecue has already begun without me!

TW, out.

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