Meet the Candidates – Best Dive Job in the World

Best Dive Job in the World

Best Dive Job in the World

Well done to everyone who has sent in their applications so far, keep them coming.

Over the next few weeks I am going to start to post some of the better applications that we have received on the blog and on our youtube channel.  Many of the applications we are receiving will not be posted if they do not meet our guidelines.

Remember, if you are submitting a written entry then please send us photos also so we can see what you are like.  We are  not looking for CV’s, we are looking for information about what makes you special! Why should we give you such a great opportunity? How will you make other people happy when you take the scuba diving in Bali?  Be creative.

We would also really like to see more videos coming in; even just you on a webcam would be fantastic.

Good luck – Best Dive Job in the World

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