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I just wanted to take a minute this morning before we announce our last finalist to thank you all for the support you have given to each other and to the The Best Dive Job in the World 2011 contest. It has been amazing for us to see a group of like-minded enthusiasts come together and interact so positively. This is what diving does for a lot of people. Blue Season Bali is proud to have had the opportunity to sponsor this contest and I hope you have met some good dive buddies along the way.

There are scores of meritorious applicants and some extremely creative, funny and downright wacky entries. I have met some people through this contest who will make excellent instructors due to their enthusiasm, charisma and sheer tenacity. To those people, I say this: if you are not selected to win this contest, please do not give up on your dream. You are the ones who will succeed in this industry and prove to be real assets to your students and the dive centers who will employ you. The dive industry needs people like you!

The selection process for the Top Ten has been difficult. No doubt, the selection process over the upcoming few days will be even more so. Personally, I appreciate the fact that this contest means so much to so many people. I have come together with Jonathan to compose a second place prize for the runner up which will feature some professional-level diving training as well. Look out for that announcement from Blue Season Bali on the 13th. Our winner will then be announced on the 15th.

This program was initially called “The Best Dive Job in the World,” but after the fantastic support we got from all of you, you may have noticed that I started including “2011” at the end each time I referenced the contest in my posts. We have decided that this is not a one-time contest. We intend to make it an annual program and next year’s program is sure to be bigger and better. We are now courting some big name corporate sponsors to add even better value to the contest prizes and hopefully even provide more winning spaces for next year.

Thank you once again for all of the positive support you have given each other. To all of you, I extend my personal thanks and also that on behalf of Blue Season Bali. It has been a great journey and I will look forward to seeing some familiar faces when we announce our 2012 project in a few months’ time. If you happen to be in Bali in the meantime, drop by and you’ve got a cold one on me.

Sincerest thanks,

Tom West
The Best Dive Job in the World

Blue Season Bali
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