Challenge time!

On our last dive master training day, Team A and B had to compete against each other. As we were spending our day in the pool, getting scored on our demonstration skills, we kind of knew what to expect: An equipment exchange challenge.

Usually, the equipment exchange is carried out in buddy-teams. For our challenge, we had to work as a group of four.

The rules were simple: Accomplish the task as fast as possible and without making any mistakes. The task itself was less simple: Swim to the deep end of the pool, free-dive down, find your weight belt and your buddy’s BCD, put both on and start exchanging equipment. At the end, we had to perform a five-point ascend, simultaneously.

Both teams did a great job but there can only be one winner: Team B! Congratulations on your 2 days stay at Prama Sanur Beach Hotel! What a great prize: Spending relaxing time at a luxurious hotel after six weeks of intense dive master training!

Thank you Prama Sanur Beach for providing us with the prize!


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