Best Dive Job in the World – 2012

Hi Fans-

Tom West here from Blue Season Bali.  It’s been a while since our last posts here on the blog and I just thought I would give a quick update to the 2011 contest and also provide a sneak preview of the 2012 contest as well.

Contest winner Kenzo Kiren is due to join us in the upcoming weeks to begin his seven-month instructor training internship.  Our second prize winner Priscilla Ong will also be joining us later in the year to begin her three-month divemaster and photo/video internship.  Needless to say, we are very excited to have them come!

Now, on to 2012…  Many of you already know that our 2011 contest prize is the largest prize ever given out in the scuba diving industry.  Well, we’re not content with just offering the same prize again in 2012.  No, we’re going bigger and better for next year.  At the moment, we are in negotiations with big names in the scuba diving and travel industries to offer more equipment, training, experiences and probably even flights.

I can’t go and give away all the program details quite yet, but be ready for a big announcement once we get everything nailed down.  We are projecting a launch date sometime in August or September for our 2012 competition, so stay tuned right here at www.bestdivejob.com for all the juicy details.

That’s it for now from sunny Bali.  Surf’s up!

Tom West
Jonathan Cross
The Best Dive Job in the World

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