BDJ 2011 Contest Closed – Who will Win?

Whew… Well, I tell you that it has been an amazing four months for us here at Blue Season Bali. I can speak for myself, Jonathan Cross, and the whole team when I say that we are thoroughly impressed with the response you have generated with your entries into The Best Dive Job in the World 2011 contest.

It has been a great journey for us as a team, but one lucky winner’s journey has not yet begun. Jonathan and I are meeting with the rest of the selection panel on a daily basis to determine who will join us to dive in Bali on a seven-month scuba diving internship. There have been some great entries and we congratulate you all on your efforts!

Perhaps the most interesting thing that has come out of the meetings of the selection panel so far is the determination there has been too much hard work done by all the great contestants for us to award just one prize. For that reason, there will be a second-place award, the details of which are still being worked out by Jonathan and myself. I say again, there will be one winner of the fantastic seven-month prize you have all read about on this website, but there will also be another second-place prize as well. We offer this in appreciation of all your hard work.

In addition to the second-place prize, Jon and I are trying to hash out the particulars on how we can help you all meet your goals in diving. As we prepare the launch of The Best Dive Job in the World 2012, we will be distributing free tutorials about dive theory, skills and career planning to help you get to where you want to be. You can watch out for this in the upcoming months prior to the launch of our much-anticipated 2012 contest.

What will change during the 2012 contest? Well, we’re not quite sure at the moment. A few things are certain. As a quickly growing company, we will definitely be able to outpace the offering we could present in 2011. There will be expanded corporate sponsorship, possibly including flights, upgraded accommodation and even more free equipment. We are looking at all possible angles and negotiating with some big name companies to bring you the best contest offering the dive industry has ever seen. Stay tuned and visit this blog often as we prepare to make your diving dreams come true.

I look forward to diving with you all here in beautiful Bali!

Tom West
The Best Dive Job in the World
Blue Season Bali
PADI Career Development Center #6570

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