Top Ten Finalist – Marlies Tumolo

Today marks the second announcement of Blue Season Bali’s top ten finalists into The Best Dive Job in the World 2012 scuba diving internship competition. The finalists are being announced over the next few days and to be honest, we’re not yet decided as to who all 10 finalists will be, so there is still time to make a final promotional push on your entry as these announcements are made.

Today’s announcement confirms Marlies Tumolo as a finalist in this year’s competition. You can show Marlies your support by clicking here and leaving a comment on her entry. Congratulations, Marlies, for making it into the Top Ten of The Best Dive Job in the World 2012. You have done a great job and we wish you the best of success as the competition moves toward its inevitable close.

Like many of you, we had a quick email interview with Marlies:


What is the most amazing experience of your life?
The first time I went diving my life changed forever. I cherish the moments in life where time freezes and you realize that there is nothing you would change. You are purely and deeply happy. For me many of those moments come with raw true human connection.

If you are already a scuba diver, what is the best place you have ever dived, and why?
My favorite dive so far was my first night dive (Twin Peaks in Koh Tao). I was terrified but as soon as I descended I realized how alive everything was and my fear melted away. My instructor used a special torch that brought out the fluorescents in the coral; it was truly magical!

If you were stuck on an island for the rest of your life but could take only three things with you, what would they be?
An endless music supply that could be played whenever I wanted to hear it! My best friend so we could explore, laugh, and have deep heart to hearts. Diving equipment so I could explore the seas! Since this is my fantasy I decided I need nothing practical and that diving equipment counts as one item :)

What do you feel is the most pressing environmental issue threatening our oceans?
The destruction of ecosystems through both pollution and over fishing is devastating. We need to show the world what is happening and inspire people to change it. My goal is to teach others, help them feel connected to the ocean, and show them that they have the power to make a difference.

What would you say is your most positive personal attribute?
I make true connections with all the people that I meet. I open myself up to them and because of that they trust me. I get along with people from all walks of life and enjoy their differences. I love to have a good time and am very easy going!

If you could improve one thing about yourself, what would it be?
If I could improve one thing about myself it would be have more of what Buddhist call Samadhi, or being calm and focused. Now and then I get so excited that I am literally jumping around. Sometimes I have to remind myself to take a breath, calm down, and focus.

And finally, you get a chance to ask me a question so make it a good one… (and no, I can’t tell you quite yet if you will win!)
My favorite thing about living abroad is connecting with local cultures and learning more about them. Have you as expats found it easy to connect with locals? What has helped you to learn more about Balinese culture?

I think the easiest thing about living in Bali is that the local population are extremely friendly. I come from a part of the world where you don’t normally welcome strangers into your world; Bali is totally the opposite. The Balinese are so happy to welcome people into their culture and show you their Hindu ways. It’s a very friendly and rich culture that you will allow you to absorb the Bali way of life.

Ok, so that’s it for today. Tomorrow I will announce the next top ten finalist. Stay tuned!!!!

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