Dayne Smith One last Chance

Shew waking up everyday the first thing I check on my phone was did I Make it, did I make it ??? and everyday its like a piece of me is falling away … I have been sooooooo excited since this competition started and I really did try my best Im so proud of everyone that has already made the shortlist and I wish I could actually describe in words how badly i want to win It would be the best thing that has ever happened to me ever !!!

Its my dream to make a difference in life and help people achieve their dreams , and come on lets be honest: there is a HUGE number of people who’s dream is to Scuba Dive and I would love to be that person to help them achieve their Goals.

There is one place left in the shortlist and Im praying so hard that I can be that last person. I know I can make a different this truly and sincerely is my passion and I would do ANYTHING to get an opportunity like this. Its like a calling: Diving makes me alive , wildlife and the outdoors make me alive, meeting new people and most importantly seeing a persons smile after a great dive , even after a dive trip.

There is only one place left in the shortlist so I thought well hey let me give it one last chance , I really need this I feel I’m so passionate about diving but its so hard and expensive to get somewhere in it , This would be The PERFECT opportunity for me !!!

Thank you and God Bless To everyone Kind Regards

Dayne Smith


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