A big thank-you before we announce the winners.

Well, well, well…  Today is the big day and I would like take this opportunity to break the suspense and thank everyone on behalf of our team here at Blue Season Bali for all the outstanding support we have seen in this year’s competition.  To all of the fantastic entrants, I offer my sincerest congratulations on a contest well fought.  As with the inaugural  competition last year, we have met some very interesting people with some very interesting entries!

One of the things which surprised me last year as the competition drew to a close is how lucky most of our entrants are to have so much love and support of their friends and family.  As you know, much of the program is based on activity in social media such as Facebook.  Regardless of the results, today would be a good day for you to pause and give some thought (and even a quick word of thanks) to all the people in your lives who have taken the time to comment here on the blog, on Facebook, help with video production and just provide general moral support. You are some very lucky people.

I would like to extend my personal thanks for the (once again) positive and supportive vibe we have been getting from day one.  We will be announcing our second place winner shortly, and then the grand prize winner.  Thank you once again for your support of The Best Dive Job in the World 2012.

Tom West,
Jonathan Cross,
and the entire Blue Season Bali family

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