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Roger Roth

I’ve been roofing in Cincinnati, Ohio since 1969; part-time through college and while teaching science which I loved but couldn’t afford, then full-time since 1979. At plenty-nine years old, I’m not as agile as I used to be on the roofs, however as a PADI Rescue Diver, I know I can continue a new career as a PADI instructor and return to my passion of teaching and diving for years to come, evidenced by the fact that one of my mentors in underwater video, Stan Waterman, is still diving in his late 80’s.

After I got certified in 1988, I continued my passion for teaching by assisting the dive instructors from my dive shop in their pool sessions through the 90’s, however since I was running my own roofing company, I couldn’t devote enough time to becoming a dive instructor back then. When the instructors I assisted came across students that needed special one-on-one attention, those students were turned over to me to help them hone the necessary skills because of my teaching ability and empathy for whatever feelings were standing in the way of their success in getting certified.

Despite being landlocked at home, I have logged over a month’s time underwater, and 99.9% of that time has been with a video camera in hand. I’ve earned countless international Filmmaker, Communicator, Videographer, and underwater video awards. I’ve shot for a Discovery Channel program producer, and a short client list includes the U.S. Navy, Aggressor Fleet, Peter Hughes Diving, Inc., Nature Conservancy, Save the Manatee Club, Jean-Michel Cousteau and the Ocean Futures Foundation. I’ve done promo videos for a couple of dive operations in Indonesia, Hawaii, the Red Sea, five operations in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Belize, Nassau, Roatan, and more. Unfortunately, there’s not much of a way to earn a living producing promo videos.

I use my underwater videos to share in schools, senior centers, garden clubs, scuba clubs and scuba shows to share the wonders of the underwater world. People protect what they love and when I can open someone’s eyes to the beauty of innerspace, I know I’ve created another ambassador for the oceans.

In 1998, I founded an international, non-profit underwater photo/video competition and volunteer hundreds of hours each year as its Director (with no remuneration) to promote the mission statement of the Underwater Images Competition, which I wrote to be, “to raise the awareness of the ecological importance of preserving marine habitats that represent Nature’s oldest and most stable living ecosystems. This will create more conscientious diving practices and generate new interests in the realm of marine environmental science and education.”

Becoming a PADI dive instructor in Bali would allow me to continue my zeal of teaching and creating ambassadors for our precious oceans and waterways, as have the beneficiaries of ALL of the proceeds of the Underwater Images Competition. I’m looking forward to this new adventure in my life, becoming a PADI dive instructor in Bali and making a living doing what I love.

Larissa Stone

Larissa Stone - Best Dive Job in the World Application

Larissa Stone - Best Dive Job in the World Application

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a love of two things- water and writing.  It is to both of these that I owe my very existence.  My father, many years before I was born, defected from Russia.  He was a sailor in the Russian military.  He had kept a journal of his thoughts and experiences while traveling the world that had opposed communist policy.  In those times, that was considered a most dire criminal offense.  In order to escape being charged and imprisoned, he literally jumped ship into the Strait of Dardanelles, evading his would-be captors and tiding into an entire new life.

As for me, water has never been just 2/3 of the earth’s surface.  I used to spend countless hours in the bath, the pool, and in the ocean on the rare occurrences in which I had the opportunity.  I used to swim to the bottom of the pool and look up towards the sun and imagine what it would be like to live underwater, and this purity of peace would consume me.  When asked if I could have any superpower I wanted my response was immediate- to breathe under water.  “What animal would you be if you had your choice of any?”  Dolphin.  I’d want to be a dolphin.

I’m 28 years old and I’ve never had the opportunity to go diving.  Honestly, it would be my own personal taste of heaven.  I never feel quite as content, or better yet, as serene, as I do when I take to the water.  I even have water splashes tattooed on both of my ankles.  And now, I’ve passed this down to my own daughter.  She’s two and already, I must oblige the countless amount of time that she herself wants to spend in the water.

Larissa Stone - Best Dive Job in the World Application

Larissa Stone - Best Dive Job in the World Application

So when you ask why I want to change my life and become a PADI instructor, my first inclination is to answer that no single other human being walking this earth would appreciate it more, be as grateful, dedicated or nurture the opportunity quite like I would.  Then I think… “For her”.  You wouldn’t just be granting an internship, you would be gifting me and my daughter, our own personal new world.

I am a person that was born into the wrong body.  This body has lungs instead of gills.  Luckily the trade is that these hands can hold a pen.  I write every day of my life.  I’d send you 500 pages of why I desire this above all instead of 500 words but alas, I’d be putting the other contestants at a disadvantage.  –Wink- Please let me be the person to write every day and tell the world about the lives you’ve changed with this opportunity.  For giving me the gills I was not born with.  For giving someone the life they’ve always wanted, but could not attain for themselves.

Thank you,

Larissa Stone

Dexter Anatan

Dexter Anatan - Best Dive Job in the World Application

Dexter Anatan - Best Dive Job in the World Application

This is the chance I’ve been looking for…………

At last, the opportunity to fulfill my dream to become a dive instructor and continue to enjoy my passion in diving and opportunity to work on land finally saw its course after receiving this information from you.

To tell you something about myself, I am a positive, enthusiastic and a hard working person. I started my diving here in the Philippines when I was working in one of the oldest and biggest domestic shipping in 2005. I started as a Dive Buddy to the Company’s Dive Master who’s job is doing underwater inspection of the hull and propellers of the boat before and after the annual dry dock, installing underwater sinker for marker buoys and twice salvaging lost anchors and a tender boat. The experience I had during those times were done for the company and that is where all my love, interest and passion in diving started.

Dextar Anatan

Best Dive Job in the World

In 2006, I was given the chance to work on board a chartered yacht in the Mediterranean, working as a Boson on deck. It is because of my diving background that doing the hull inspection and sea chest cleaning is part of my duty.

But my diving life change when the yacht went down from the Mediterranean to Southeast Asia. We started doing charter in Phuket, Thailand with itineraries on this beautiful island and even went down to Burma with chartered guests. During a charter, one of my job is to prepare the snorkeling and diving gears for the guests to be used every day while they are on board. My love for diving developed when my Captain gave me the chance to be with the guests everyday, and as a license skipper, he gave me the responsibility to drive the guest to the site and carry out all the activities. Boosting my confidence makes this experience worth living for. Taking someone who has never gone one (1) meter below the water and convincing them to give it a shot in order not to miss the opportunity to dive and see the beauty underwater is one of the things I love and especially if they come up happy and fulfilled with the diving experience by sharing stories what they saw, hearing all this from guest, really makes my day. Being a diver can give you access to experiences you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Dexter Anatan - Best Dive Job in the World Application

Dexter Anatan - Best Dive Job in the World Application

If I am on a break from my job, and if my schedule permits, I upgrade my certification here in the Philippines. Presently I am advance open water certified; one of the things I never miss is visiting the diving sites closest to my place. I live in a country which comprises of 7,107 islands so there are still a lot more to explore. Certain places are so extraordinary that I wouldn’t want to miss. No diver could honesty dismiss without exploring some of the most sought after diving sites.

I want to change the course of where I am heading at the moment. I am a single parent to a 12 yrs. old kid. Lately, as he grow up, the need of a parent guidance to a vulnerable child at his age is a primary concern for me. The influences surrounds him every day, either good or bad if not guided properly I’m afraid will affect him as a person someday. I’ve been on a boat for a total of 15 years now, My contract normally last until 10 months and being away from him most of the time makes me yearn for a lot of happenings in my personal life. Yet recently I got to wondering. The strange feeling of like coming from a different place is always a mystery since the life onboard and the life on land are totally two different things, which sometimes makes me think otherwise if I should continue doing so.

If choosen, this will be a good start for me and will be a life changing experience if given opportunity to work on land.

Lastly, I want to share some of the photos I had during those times I am with the guests and doing the activities. This is the thing I missed doing – diving.

Best Regards,

Dexter Anatan

So far, so good… and TIPS TO WIN!

Hi guys, Tom and Jon here from Blue Season Bali.  We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has stopped by the site, subscribed, left a comment, or even made the first step toward changing their lives- actually entering!

In the ten days since we launched the program we have received 59 entries, 600 subscribers and 16000 visits to the website.  This is great momentum, but it is quite literally just the beginning!  Over November and December, this contest will feature in prominent print and online media, reaching millions of readers, attracting additional interest and generating an eventual following for the future winner!  There’s nothing quite like becoming a scuba celebrity, eh?

You need to set yourself apart.  We need to see who you really are, that you’re motivated to succeed, and that you can use various tools to help you achieve that success.  One upcoming trend in the scuba diving industry is that effective instructors can always market themselves.  Knowing how to use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other online media to promote yourself are key skills.  So, get out there and Tweet, share on facebook, and spread the word!

The world is watching.  Will you win The Best Dive Job in the World?

David Graham

David Graham - Best Dive Job in the World

David Graham - Best Dive Job in the World

Diving and swimming underwater feels like I‟m flying.  It might sound dumb to think of flying while in the water but I think that the experience felt while swimming underwater must be like what Superman feels when he‟s flying around.  The freedom is spectacular and I enjoy the X-ray vision.  I became a certified Open Water Diver in 2007.  Unfortunately I live in Nebraska and the only places I have been able to dive so far are local sandpits.  I have one other friend who dives and we tend to only make it out once or twice a year.

David Graham - Best Dive Job in the World

David Graham - Best Dive Job in the World

I have often thought about advancing my diving skills but money always seems to be a little short and diving so far has just been for entertainment.  To be able to make diving into a career, something I can enjoy doing and make money at it, is an unbelievable opportunity.  To be able to dive in something other than a sandpit would also be a welcomed change.

I like to be adventurous and would like to not only use the diving skills acquired to teach others but to be able to hunt for treasures and artifacts lost underwater.  I am currently a student again at the age of 32 and this time I am following my childhood dream and becoming an Archeologist.  I have always wanted to be Indiana Jones but felt that was too ridiculous of a goal.  After spending time in a completely unrelated field that involved helping kids and encouraging them to be whatever they wanted to be I decided I needed to stop wasting time and become what I‟ve always wanted to be.  I‟m not sure I have the complete support of people around me either.  Whenever I tell them what my plan is they say, “good for you and go for it,” but there always seems to be a little bit of doubt in their voice or the look of; „why don‟t you get a real job‟.

David Graham - Best Dive Job in the World

David Graham - Best Dive Job in the World

I don‟t want a real job.  I want something exciting and challenging and I want to be able to make a living doing it.  I don‟t need to be rich, I just want to be able to pay my bills and live my dreams.  I also have the dream of being a writer and have started writing my first book (it‟s not very good but it‟s a start).   I also enjoy making things out of wood, painting, reading, riding my motorcycle and collecting comic books.

I would not say my life is boring.  I do my best to find enjoyment in everything I do but there is always room for improvement, plus I live in Nebraska.  Have you ever been to Nebraska?  It‟s flat and windy, not a lot going on.  I would love the opportunity to take my diving skills to a higher level and use those skills to accomplish my goals.

Linda Koren

Linda Koren Best Dive Job in the World application

Linda Koren Best Dive Job in the World application

Are you kidding? Bali. This would be a dream come true. Water is my passion and Bali is truly one amazingly beautiful place.

Water is my passion, whether it is the ocean, the gulf, a lake or just a swimming pool.

I spent 10 yrs. visiting my parents in Naples, Fl. So when my son reached the age of 10 we had him certified as a Jr. Scuba Diver.

I feel the more people that are certified, the more aware people will become about how the environment affects our waters. Because of the impact on all marine life. The fascinating marine life that makes scuba diving so enjoyable.

I am an avid swimmer, boater, water skier and a PADI certified recreational diver. Also an activist for the protection of Manatees in Florida.

I only work part-time, my son is now away in college and I am ready, willing and able to change my life.

Living in the Northeast United states has many limitations to local diving, too cold, too murky and it is expensive to travel to warmer climates. I truly dread the winters, because that means my days at the beach are over until next summer, a long 9 months wait.

What an honor this job would be, doing what I love best.

Thank you for offering this wonderful opportunity. Hope to see you soon.

Tan Shiying, Ann

Best Dive Job in the World

Best Dive Job in the World

Best Dive Job in the World

I loved swimming, so much that I joined the swimming course in school every year even though I’ve taken the course before and had completed it. But then one day, I told myself, “I’m never going to swim again unless it’s diving. I don’t want to see walls in the pool. I want to see more!” Then I started working after I graduated from college and I got so busy with work that I never actually start diving until about a year ago, the opportunity arrived.

A friend of mine has been diving for years and pestered me to take my OW course. At that point of time, I did a little research on the course. Found out I could take the theory online with PADI and the practical with a local operator. So I finally took the first step. After completing my OW, I went straight to take my AOW. Since then, I’ve been diving almost every month.

Back in Singapore, I work in a cigar retail shop. I sell wines from France and Italy, whisky from Japan and Scotland, and cigars from Cuba. This is my fifth year with the company. I met people from mainly Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Japan, American, Europe and of course, Singapore. Work took up so much of my time that I don’t even have time to meet friends. Actually, they are busy with work themselves as well.

Best Dive Job in the World

Tan Shiying - Best Dive Job in the World Applicant

Just recently, I was with a group, diving at Bali. I met this group of people in April when I went diving at Layang Layang. We liked each other’s company, so we decided to meet up and dive together once every 6 months. All we ever talked about is diving and photography.

Fishes never interest me, but documentaries, about the underwater world does. It made me want to see them in real life. The more I dive, the more interested I became about fishes. I enjoyed talking about my diving experiences, the islands and the dive sites I’ve been to. Diving become something I cannot live without and I want to share my experiences with a lot more people not just friends.

Once, in Sipadan, I met this girl who has been afraid of water since young, but she managed to complete her OW course. She thanked me for helping her many times in the water while diving, which I didn’t even realized I did help her. Although it was a short meeting, after the trip, she felt more confident and went to take her AOW and has been diving more frequently.

That experience has been, for once, more than just diving, helping people overcome fear of water.

The diving and meeting different people has made me realized that being a Dive Instructor, is as challenging, if not more, than any other professions.

Tan Shiying - Best Dive Job in the World

Kerr Loy

The Best Dive Job in the World Application

You would think, as a trained camera operator, it would be only natural for me to send a video of myself. The fact is I don’t yet have a camera. My name is Kerr Loy, and from a young age I have desired the adventurous life.

After visiting family in South Africa and spending time in game reserves with my Auntie (a qualified tracker) I fell in love with nature and the beauty of the world. I am well travelled for my age having been to South Africa on multiple occasions, completed a rugby tour of the Southern hemisphere (Singapore, Australia and Fiji), studied kung fu at a shaolin martial arts academy in China and back packed around Europe.

During these adventures I discovered a love for travelling and experiencing new cultures that has grown and grown throughout the years. Whilst studying for my degree in Digital Film and Television I came to the conclusion that I will combine my love of travelling with my love for filming and began looking into careers that would suite me.

Upon discovering that there were people in the world called “adventure camera operators”, this became my goal in life.

In 2005 my Dad took the family and I on a trip to Lanzarote where I experienced the underwater life for the first time. When I realised that not only is there so many places on land that I have to see but also an entire world under the see that can be explored I became fascinated with the idea of becoming a dive instructor but since then have not seen a way to incorporate it into my career.

I have recently spent a ridiculous amount of time watching “The Jacque Cousteau Odyssey” and come to the realisation that it is possible for me to have the perfect career, but how?

I am currently living in Glasgow and working free-lance as a camera operator and director of photography on short films and low budget productions. I have also been approaching companies who offer training in extreme environments and offering to make them promotional films in exchange for training.

Best Dive Job in the World

Kerr Loy - Best Dive Job in the World

Shooting promotional film & learning winter mountain skills – Scottish Highlands      Shooting one of the Graduation films – RSAMD Glasgow

At the moment my income comes mainly from working as a tea-boy (runner) on commercials and feature films but I am beginning to realise that this will not take me where I want to go.

For four years I worked as a tour guide in the Scottish Seabird Centre and taught many children and adults about their local wildlife, something I would love to do again. This opportunity will provide me with the skills to teach and incredible thing to young people and adults alike but also allow me to take one more step on the road towards my long term goal of working as an underwater and adventure camera man.


“Here I go, deep type flow. Jacques Cousteau could never get this low.”

Best Dive Job in the World Application

♪♫♪♫♪♫     Under the sea we off the hook

We got no troubles

Life is the bubbles

Just look at the world around you

Right here on the ocean floor

Such wonderful things surround you

What more is you lookin’ for?

Under the sea

Darling it’s better

Down where it’s wetter

Take it from me

Up on the shore they work all day

Out in the sun they slave away

While we devotin’

Full time to floatin’

Under the sea            ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫

This is my story which I hope will take me 30 meters under.

My life has been an adventure since I decided to start travelling; I love to take risks and have lived in places, including Jakarta, UAE and Peru, working as an English teacher. I am 29 now but feel I still have another world to explore. All these adventures made me who I am today, but I know that this life-changing experience as a PADI instructor will positively change my life.

So many people just focus on day-to-day activities, that they don’t have time to really value that there is so much more beyond the normal routine. The ocean is a completely different world.

My favorite movie growing up was Little Mermaid.  I used to fantasize about becoming a mermaid and leaving into my little ocean world where all the colors, life-forms and beauty would come alive. It never did happen, but each time I am in the water, I feel like a mermaid that came back home.

My first diving experience was in Australia, and it was excitement, mixed with adrenalin, mixed with fascination of everything going on around me and love for the new world that I had gotten into. My second time was in Gili Islands and this time I was even more amazed than the first. It only keeps getting better with each time. Like they say when you open a Pringles can, “Once you pop, you can’t stop!!!”

The colors, the movements, and the fish that were completely uninterested in us. It was amazing to be able to go deep down and look at all the beauty that many of us are unaware of. However one has to be careful, it is incredibly important to be conscious and respectful just as we are when we visit other people’s houses. We have to understand that we have to treat our dives as a chance to explore and not destroy.

Indonesia is one my top list of best countries to live in. They have the most beautiful and kind people, their nature and mountains are breath-taking, and they have the greatest bio-diversity. The 17,508 islands are surrounded by indescribable marine life which I really hope I can keep on exploring and later show my love and enthusiasm to other new divers.

I believe that I can inspire wonder and excitement to all those new divers coming to learn about the wonders of the deep blue sea and I hope you are able to provide me with the chance to change my life and others.


Elicus Marais

Best Dive Job in the World, Application

Best Dive Job in the World

Why I would like to become a scuba instructor.

My name is Elicus Marais; I’m a South African and have been teaching English in South Korea for 2years now. Before I came to South Korea I was a marketing manager for one of the biggest banks in South Africa. I realized that life has more to offer and I decided to take up an English job in South Korea and travel Asia during the holidays. The life here in South Korea is not bad, but I knew that something was missing. In February of this year I felt that I needed a new challenge and started scuba diving here in Korea. The weather was absolutely horrible with air temperature of -5degrees Celsius and water temperature of 4degrees Celsius. Despite the weather and the fact that I only had a 5mm wetsuit to dive in, I was hooked right away and couldn’t get enough of the underwater world.

Best Dive Job in the World

Best Dive Job in the World

My journey has been an interesting one since I started diving and received my Open Water certification in February. I completed my Advanced Open Water course in May, my Rescue diver course in September and I’m currently busy with my Divemasters. If I could have had it my way I would have been an Instructor already as I’m very goal orientated and focused, but due to financial constraints I have to take it one step at a time. I now know that there is nothing else I would rather do than to introduce as many people as I can to the beauty that lies beneath the ocean. I love teaching and have a passion for it, but I have a greater passion for diving and marine life. By combining these two passions, I know I will make an excellent instructor.

My dream is to someday own a dive centre and help individuals like myself to spread their wings and experience the wonderful world that diving opens up for you, not just regarding the marine life, but also the different people you meet along the way and the friendships that you build up.

Best Dive Job in the World

Best Dive Job in the World

My teaching contract expires at the end of February, and then I would like to start with the IDC. So for the next few months I’m saving every penny earned in order to achieve my dream, and hopefully I could accomplish this through aid of this competition.

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely

Elicus Marais

Sam Perry

Sam Perry - Best Dive Job in the World

Sam Perry – Best Dive Job in the World

Why should I be picked for the best job in the world? Easy – because I am kick ass, super fun, have a great personality, oh and I love to dive.

Also, I’m ready to change my life, follow my heart and travel and dive.

Don’t get me wrong, my life certainly doesn’t suck and I have a cool job working in marketing for Gold’s Gym – but this isn’t where I want to be. My ultimate goal is to teach, travel and dive ‐so if you can just help out and speed up the process by picking me, I would appreciate it! Sure – I can train to be an instructor here in DC and then eventually land in the Caribbean, but let’s think

about it – Bali vs. DC…

A little more about me. I’ve always had a love for water – I was a competitive swimmer in college and pretty much spent my childhood underwater (it kept my three brothers from annoying me). This past July I went on vacation and fell in love with diving.

Despite what some thought, Diving wasn’t just great because I had a hot instructor – it was that being underwater brought back the calmness and love for the water that I’ve been missing for so long since I stopped swimming. I knew instantaneously that I didn’t just want to dive for fun – it’s what I want to do with my life.

Sam Perry - Best Dive Job in the World

Sam Perry – Best Dive Job in the World

I want to teach and help other people achieve the amazing feeling I get when diving. I want others to experience the happiness that I’ve found in scuba. When I got back from my trip, I immediately signed up for my OWA and I have spent pretty much every weekend since then diving, gaining experience and setting myself up to follow this dream.

Not convinced yet? Well my professional background is in PR and marketing and I’m REALLY good at it – so I’m seasoned in facebook, twitter and how to promote things – especially myself. Oh and did I forget to mention that I have a great personality, and WILL make a great instructor. I am going to make this dream come true, it would just be a LOT easier if you could help out, speed up the process and choose me to train in Bali.

I promise it will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Tascha Eipe



Best Dive Job application from Tascha

Best Dive Job application from Tascha

Ten reasons why I want to live the diver’s life:

  1. ‘Monday morning blues’ are a brilliant, crystal-clear blue sea
  2. All co-workers are your ‘buddies’
  3. Pressure is caused by the surrounding water, not by deadlines
  4. Morning rush hour is caused by schools of fish, not children
  5. Everyday use swimming pools instead of car-pools
  6. Unexpected meetings are with turtles and sharks
  7. Logging something is an achievement, not a task
  8. Refills are for tanks, not coffee cups
  9. The only computers are worn on your wrist
  10. The only suit you have to wear is a wetsuit!

About Me:

My name is Tascha Eipe. I am a filmmaker and I work in India, directing shows for a travel channel. My work takes me to quite a lot of exotic places, and also some off the beaten track.

Best Dive Job in the World application for Tascha

Best Dive Job in the World application for Tascha

I first went diving in Muscat, Oman, and was hooked for life. After which I continued diving whenever I could – in Malaysia, Egypt, the Philippines and India. In August I went on a liveaboard dive trip to the Maldives and it changed my life! I swam with countless manta rays and even whale sharks! It made me realize that I am only truly happy when surrounded by the big blue.

I want to swim with dolphins. I want to photograph sharks. I want to learn how to make perfect bubble rings. I want to shoot an underwater film about our oceans and the wonders within it.

Live to dive. Dive to live. Either way works for me.

Nicholas Andrew Hodies

best Dive Job in the World applicant – Nicholas

“Why I want to change my life and become a Padi instructor

“Why I deserve the best dive job in the world”

Hello Big Blue Bali, my name is Nick and I am from the San Francisco Bay Area. To start with diving has been a major part of my life since I can remember.  I became fascinated with the underwater world at a young age. The first time I snorkeled was when I was around 8 years old; in the Monterey bay. I still have vivid images of all the colors I saw down there from the fish to the flowing kelp all the tiny creatures. It was as if I was actually swimming in an aquarium.  I knew then that the ocean was a colorful wonderful place and I wanted to be a part of it. My interest in diving has not slowed at all.

I went on to become open water certified at the age of 13. I did my first check out dive in Monterey. Wow that was fun I was finally breathing underwater, just like a fish! I never get tired of the smell of the salt air and waves and the coastal breezes’.  I went to the Santa Barbara Marine Diving Institute in 1990. It was an intensive two year commercial diving program.  During that program I became a Naui instructor.  I went on to work commercially in the Gulf of Mexico and work in California. During those years I have dive mastered for Club Med in San Salvador Bahamas; worked on live-aboard dive boats in Florida. I dove in Hawaii the Philippines, and Thailand. I was most impressed with the waters in southern Thailand. I have always wanted to dive Bali I’ve heard that it’s the best!

I realized over the years as I would try and find employment, everyone was asking for Padi instructors.  I know now that Padi is the dive leader in the sport diving industry. All the resorts and cruise ships only want Padi instructors.  My love for the ocean environment and teaching are my life. I have taught guitar and oral English classes in China (I am in China right now). I have the patience and focus to be a supportive teacher for new learners’ in the wonderful world of diving.

Why give me this wonderful opportunity to become a Padi instructor? Well a few months ago I contacted Blue Season Bali and I got in touch with Tom West about your IDC Program.  The program and location are perfect I just did not have the money to take the course yet. This chance to become a Padi instructor would open the doors again for me to spend time in the tropical places with the fantastic marine environment of Indonesia; and to share them with others’.  Teach people to love and respect the ocean environment. This would be a dream come true; traveling and teaching are in blood.

Big Blue Bali


Nicholas Hodies

Meet the Candidates – Best Dive Job in the World

Best Dive Job in the World

Best Dive Job in the World

Well done to everyone who has sent in their applications so far, keep them coming.

Over the next few weeks I am going to start to post some of the better applications that we have received on the blog and on our youtube channel.  Many of the applications we are receiving will not be posted if they do not meet our guidelines.

Remember, if you are submitting a written entry then please send us photos also so we can see what you are like.  We are  not looking for CV’s, we are looking for information about what makes you special! Why should we give you such a great opportunity? How will you make other people happy when you take the scuba diving in Bali?  Be creative.

We would also really like to see more videos coming in; even just you on a webcam would be fantastic.

Good luck – Best Dive Job in the World

Applications coming in!

Hello Monday Morning!

Best Dive Job in the World launch Party

Best Dive Job in the World launch Party

As the effects of the Best Dive Job in the World launch party wears off it is back to the office.  It is great to see that we have already had people send in their entries for the competition.  I was not expecting any quite so soon but it is all good.

I have also had a lot of emails coming in about the competition; I will try and get back to all of you as soon as I can but I can clear up a couple of things right now.

1. Anyone who is above 18 can enter.  Even if you are already a diver / divemaster / instructor you are still welcome to enter.  Whatever level you are, we will just provide you with seven months of world class training in Bali.

2.  You do not need to be able to speak fantastic English.  If you are not so confident with your English please still apply as we are not worried about how well you can speak, or how good your grammar is.  We want someone with personality and character, someone who will make other people smile and laugh.

There is no reason why any of you should not enter and try to change you life forever.

Remember you have to enter to win so send us your entries.


Best Dive Job in the World

Best Dive Job in The World


Blue Season Bali wants to give away a $16,000 dive package to the right candidate.

October 30, 2010, Bali, Indonesia……Indonesia-based dive outfit Blue Season Bali today launched a recruitment campaign to train someone for the best dive job in the world – that of a PADI-certified dive instructor on the island of Bali: For free.

Blue Season Bali Director Jonathan Cross said: “It’s a great life. The successful candidate will go scuba diving every day, get a suntan, spend seven months on the paradise island of Bali and get up close and personal with the world’s most diverse marine ecosystem. And we’ll pay for it.”

The winning applicant will be chosen from the best one-minute video blog submitted to Blue Season Bali on the theme of ‘Why I Deserve the Best Dive Job in the World.’ The competition opens on October 30th 2010 and closes on February 28, 2011. Anyone with a sense of adventure may apply. No diving experience is necessary.

Said Cross: “Our lifestyle is too good to be kept a secret. We will pick one person from all applicants who we think is most deserving of this training: to learn, from scratch if necessary, how to become a certified PADI scuba instructor.”

The package is worth nearly $16,000 and includes all training necessary to become a PADI scuba diving instructor- free accommodation for seven months while in Bali, free equipment, free teaching materials …and free suntan lotion. Said Cross: “The successful applicant will spend a lot of time exploring the underwater world, but the sand, sun and surf of Bali are incredible, which is what the lotion is for.”

The winner’s daily activities – aside from learning how to teach sizzling backpackers the ins and outs of scuba – will include making a weekly video blog, enjoying the superb adventure activities and nightlife of Bali, and writing about their experiences. Said Cross: “A PADI dive instructor’s life is filled with excitement and adventure. Imagine your office filled with coral reefs, palm trees and sea breezes, instead of copiers, fax machines and computers. This life is a reality for PADI dive instructors all over the world and it will soon be a reality for the winner of Blue Season Bali’s ‘Best Dive Job in the World’ contest.”

As a PADI 5* Career Development Center, Blue Season Bali holds the industry’s highest accreditation for dive operators, a reflection of their years of commitment to quality in diver education. Blue Season Bali was chosen by PADI Asia Pacific as the winner of this year’s ‘Outstanding Dive Business Award’ and has received numerous industry awards for quality in training and customer service.

The island of Bali in Indonesia is world renowned for its superb diving, excellent party and beach life, kaleidoscopic Hindu culture and hot, sunny weather. Voted as the “World’s Best Island” by the readers of Time and Travel & Leisure magazines, Bali is a top international destination for divers and surfers alike. Located in the very cradle of global marine diversity, the variety of fish and coral species to be found there is unrivalled in South East Asia.

Enter to win the World’s Best Dive Job at: www.bestdivejob.com

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