Adam Dovichak

Adam Dovichak Best Dive Job in the World Application

Adam Dovichak Best Dive Job in the World Application

The Best Dive Job In the World

My name is Adam Dovichak and I am a nineteen year old from Alberta, Canada. I have always been interested in exploring our world: particularly the world that exists underwater. Growing up in the landlocked prairie I haven’t had many opportunities to experience the vastness of our oceans firsthand. I did get a taste for what I had been missing when I got the opportunity to dive in Mexico. I felt such peace and freedom as I glided through the waters. It was an amazing experience. I knew instantly that this was something I had to do again.

In southern Alberta, however, it was not likely to happen anytime soon. The main industry in our province is oil and gas. I had always been expected to find a job with a successful oil company and earn a comfortable living. I tried working in the field for a while but it isn’t the career for me. There has to be more in this life than going to a job everyday just to make money. With this idea in my mind I have been struggling with life’s big questions recently; why am I here? What is my purpose? I can’t answer those questions for everyone but I do intend to figure them out for myself.

I think that this opportunity would be perfect for me. I know that every moment of life should be enjoyed and lived fully and this opportunity could allow me to grow and discover a lot of things about myself and about our planet. I long for a career that would allow me to explore the world we live in and diving is just the job that would allow that. I want more than anything to recreate those feelings that I experienced my first time diving. I can just imagine what it would be like to wake up every day knowing that I truly have the best job in the world.

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