Lorena Espin – Winner of the Best Dive Job in the World 2014/2015

When I arrived in Bali, first I felt excited to have arrived in a tropical country where I would soon be diving every day. Second I felt annoyed and despaired that my luggage had not arrived with me.USAT Tulamben Wreck

Eventually my stuff was returned to me, but the incident was an appropriate way to start things off, as the next few weeks were struggle after struggle for me.

One struggle was that I was undeniably coming into this whole thing as the underdog. I was merely Open Water certified and had only nine dives under my belt. My impression was that my fellow competitors each had a thousand logged dives; they all knew exactly what they were doing on our first dive together. Meanwhile, I was concentrating on remembering how to breathe that I did not even notice the ship wreck. Embarrassing.

I improved, as I set small, attainable goals for myself each dive. I also spent extra time in the pool, working diligently on my skills.

AnotherThe Best Dive Job In The World - Lorena struggle was that we were separated into two teams of four and competed against each other in what I was convinced were impossible challenges. Taking pictures of fish during a violent drift dive? Sell T-shirts in a country none of know? I stress: Impossible challenges.

Want to see more of my struggles? Check out this episode and see what the very cool prizes were: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZLkJmfauRU
Spoiler alert: I was on the team that lost nearly every prize. At least I had fun commiserating with and getting to know my teammates. Why not watch this cheeky little video my un-triumphant but awesome team put together: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQShjh9qJf4

Also, as a reality TV connoisseur I knew that the overall winner of a competition usually comes from the team that loses the most challenges throughout. So it stood to reason that that overall winner could very well be me. Now that’s good television!

Best Dive Job – Before coming to Bali 

Lorena Espin – Winner of the Best Dive Job in the World 2014/2015

After I was announced as having made the Top 8, I did what any self-respecting adult would do: I celebrated for a week straight. Next, I did what any self-hating adult would do: I got two part-time jobs. I had to save up for the uproot of my life to Bali.

One tends to work a lot when one has to save up for an uproot, and soon it felt like all I was doing was working. I forgot what I was working towards. Even though my flight was booked, Bali and the Divemaster training began to feel like an illusion. Every day I expected to check my email and find out that the Best Dive Job was cancelled, or that it never existed, or that it was some elaborate and cruel Internet joke.

Best Dive job, diving

What if the Best dive job page had been a fake?

Closer to departure, it became real to me that I was going to Bali. What also became real to me were the million and one things I all of a sudden realized I had to do to prepare.

I also realized that going to Bali meant having to leave Montreal. This made me sad. Montreal was coming into the summer months, I had been enjoying spending time with my friends and family, I did not want that time to end, and I had no idea when I would be coming back.

Best Div Job, diving

Friends and family

To get an idea of why Montreal is special to me, check out a couple of videos I made as part of the Best Dive Job pre-arrival challenges:



Sad or not, there were no employment opportunities in Montreal that excited me, so I knew this was a move I needed to make and I couldn’t wait!

Next time – arriving in Bali!

Making it into the top 8

Lorena Espin – Winner of the Best Dive Job in the World 2014/2015

When I entered the Best Dive Job competition, some of my competitors had thousands of votes and I had a mere ten days to somehow make the judges pay attention to me.

Just for fun, here’s a throwback to my entry video:


At the time I was unemployed and papering Montreal with my CV was about as appealing as swimming laps in a parka. My options, as I saw them, were to sit on my couch and binge watch TV or sit on my couch and work on my campaign. My Rottie was such a good sport; she kept me company and even made a cameo in some of my promotional videos and photos. You might remember her:

Best dive job, dog, companion

My Rottie

During those ten days, I was obnoxiously present on social media. I was posting constantly, hashtag-ing everything and anything scuba related, and tagging everyone and their uncle.

I can only assume that in person, I was just as obnoxious. I became that person who constantly asked you to repeat what you had just said because I was too busy checking my phone to pay attention.

But my friends showed me how patient and loyal they are. They understood that I was pursuing my dream, and were happy to support me. They helped me shoot my challenge videos, they stood by me as I plastered the city with flyers, they shared, commented, liked my posts. A huge shout to them!

Media, best dive job, Lorena

Preparing for my latest media shoot

Here’s one specific shout: a good friend of mine donated to Project Aware for me. In exchange, I had to do a dare. Check out the video:


And then after I really knew what was happening I was announced as one of the top 8, I WAS GOING TO BALI!

Here’s my acceptance video after hearing the amazing news!


In my next blog I’ll talk a little about the waiting before actually setting off to Bali, an really amazing time of my life

How I Found Out About the Best Dive Job 2014

Lorena Espin – Winner of the best dive Job in the World 2014/2015.

In 2013, I spent fourteen months in Australia. It was not until my last month there that I finally got my Open Water certification up in Cairns. I suppose you could say I was saving it for last. Foolish. My flight back to Canada was the following week, and I wanted to keep diving.


I begrudgingly went back to Canada because changing a flight is close to impossible and all my stuff was there anyway. I also missed my family and friends. But I had resolved to give myself one year there. One year to save up and pay my way to becoming a dive instructor and seeing my newfound, half-baked dream through.

I started bar-tending. And shortly after, I was sick of bar-tending.


There had to be another way to finance this. So I took to the Internet. I googled things like “Dive Master Internship” “Dive Shops Montreal” and “High Paying Jobs” Eventually I stumbled upon and clicked on a banner advertising the Best Dive Job.

 Make a video explaining why I wanted to be a dive instructor and I could win a Divemaster internship in Bali? This could be my break. I watched other people’s submission videos and I thought: “I can totally do this!”


On our last dive master training day, Team A and B had to compete against each other. As we were spending our day in the pool, getting scored on our demonstration skills, we kind of knew what to expect: An equipment exchange challenge.

Usually, the equipment exchange is carried out in buddy-teams. For our challenge, we had to work as a group of four.

The rules were simple: Accomplish the task as fast as possible and without making any mistakes. The task itself was less simple: Swim to the deep end of the pool, free-dive down, find your weight belt and your buddy’s BCD, put both on and start exchanging equipment. At the end, we had to perform a five-point ascend, simultaneously.

Both teams did a great job but there can only be one winner: Team B! Congratulations on your 2 days stay at Prama Sanur Beach Hotel! What a great prize: Spending relaxing time at a luxurious hotel after six weeks of intense dive master training!

Thank you Prama Sanur Beach for providing us with the prize!


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